Article: Top 10 Idols Who Are Otakus

Otakus are, by definition, people obsessed over anime and manga. The word 'Otaku' translates literally to a nerd or a geek according to the Japanese, but a word common among non-Japanese as the word describing an anime fan. Another word to define non-japanese people plagued over anime is 'weeb.' Sometimes both words could be offensive in the culture according to the natives. Manga readers and Anime watchers are all around the world. Being an otaku also means they love cosplaying as their favorite character, getting collectibles, mangas, designing and getting merch, etc. Here is a list of the top K-Pop idols who are anime lovers.

1. Joshua

Joshua is one of three 95-liners in Seventeen. He is a part of the Vocal Team, a sub-unit in Seventeen. Joshua once stated that he is an anime lover. Joshua's favorite anime were all Shounen genre anime with the protagonist as a funny yet strong character. They were Bleach, One Piece, and Naruto. Almost all the members of Seventeen watch anime and have stated their favorites.

2. Jeno

Jeno is a dancer, lead rapper, and vocalist of NCT DREAM and NCT U, the sub-units of NCT. Jeno was also a model when he was a child and featured in many ads and movies. Jeno is said to be an otaku when he revealed that he loves anime and his favorite anime is Naruto. He also stated that he liked to watch Disney films, and his favorite movie was Lion King.

3. Han

Han of Stray Kids is a rapper, songwriter, producer, and vocalist. Han is an otaku. Once, Han said he got inspired to write songs after watching anime. He and his fellow members Lee Know, Bang Chan, and Felix are all anime fans. Recently in a Japanese Interview, Han stated that his favorite anime is SPY X FAMILY and his favorite character was Anya.

4. Suga

Suga is the producer, songwriter, and rapper of BTS. Suga has once cosplayed as Naruto, and his favorite anime is Slam Dunk. Suga adored Slam Dunk from a very young age, and his stage name's first syllable was from the basketball player positions he was in at school. Most BTS members, including V, Jungkook, and Jimin, have been watching anime, as noticed by their fans.

5. Mina

Mina is a Japanese member of the girl group TWICE. She is a dancer and a vocalist. Mina stated Pokemon was her favorite anime, and her favorite Pokemon was Piplup. Being an introvert, Mina was caught multiple times for playing video games and watching anime. Her fellow Japanese member Momo is also an otaku. TWICE girls do watch anime in their free time.

6. Amber Liu

Amber was a former member of the girl group f(x) under SM Entertainment. She is an American-Korean songwriter, singer, and rapper, currently a solo artist under Steel Wool Entertainment since 2015. Amber once stated that the first show binge-watched by her was the anime Naruto. Amber later watched the shounen-based genre anime Full Metal Alchemist and Bleach similarly.

7. Wonjin

Wonjin of CRAVITY is an actor, lead dancer, and vocalist. He has been acting since the age of nine. Wonjin is an otaku. His favorite anime is Ojamajo Doremi, an anime about an idol girl group. He even likes to be called Hamjo Rika because of a character from the anime. Wonjin learned Japanese at a very young age to watch anime without subtitles.

8. Yeri

Yeri is the youngest member of the famous girl group Red Velvet under SM Entertainment in 2015. She is a singer and an actress who took the lead role in the web series "Blue Birthday." She has also made appearances in some TV shows and dramas. Yeri stated that she watched the anime Full Moon when she was young and that the anime roused her to become an idol.

9. Jonghyun

Jonghyun was the main vocalist, producer, and songwriter of the famous 2nd generation boy band SHINEE under SM Entertainment in 2008. Jonghyun has cosplayed anime characters like Naruto and Inuyasha at the SM Halloween Event. His fellow member Taemin is also an anime lover whose favorite anime is One Piece.

10. D.O

Doh Kyungsoo or commonly known by the stage name D.O is an excellent actor and one of EXO's leading vocalists. He made his debut in 2012 under EXO's sub-unit EXO-K. D.O has acted in several movies and dramas with leading roles. In an interview, D.O once stated that he loves anime. He is not the type to cry easily, but the anime about tennis made him cry.