Article: Top 10 Korean Actors And Actresses Who Perform Their Own Stunts

Stunt doubles are commonly used in the entertainment business to perform dangerous scenarios. However, some performers are so committed to their roles that they forego the stunt doubles and do the parts themselves.

1. Lee Joon-Gi

Lee Jun Ki is not scared to undertake his own stunts, regardless of how dangerous they are. This 35-year-old actor has pulled off numerous risky stunts. His role in Joseon Gunman saw him carried away by an exceptionally strong stream, surrounded by dangerous pebbles hidden beneath the surface; it's a surprise he didn't injure himself.


2. Gong Yoo 

Gong Yoo has been in a number of popular projects, making him a Hallyu Star. While most people are familiar with his parts, they may be unaware of how courageous he is in many of them. He will not let anything get in the way of that ideal take, performing all of his own stunts.


3. Hyun Bin 

One term that comes to mind when thinking of Hyun Bin is "cool"—so cool and daring that he does his own stunt scenes. Stunts are not easy to perform, yet he makes it appear easy.


4. Lee Minho 

Lee Minho has received so much attention that there are very few unknowns concerning him. However, one issue is that he has been injured while conducting his own stunts! That's someone who is committed to their role. Simply observing the intensity of these fight scenes in City Hunter demonstrates that Minho is not scared to get harmed in order to film the perfect scenario.


5. EXO's D.O 

Making the move from idol to actor is difficult enough for many, but EXO's D.O added the added strain of placing himself in perilous circumstances while filming! He comes within 1 inch of major injury for his role in SBS's 2014 drama It's Okay, That's Love!


6. Park Shin Hye 

Park Shin Hye is also not afraid to perform her own action scenes, as evidenced by this scene from SBS's 2016 drama Doctors. In this chaotic, intense scene, she is seen literally backflipping off of someone!


7. Jun Ji-Hyun

Over the course of her 20-year career, Jeon Ji Hyun has built a name for herself for her excellent acting abilities, and she is best recognised for her high-action parts in films such as Blood: The Last Vampire. It makes perfect sense that this fearless actress handles her own stunts, and simply witnessing how unfazed she is jumping from building to building for this sequence in The Thieves demonstrates that these risky moments have become just another day at the office.


8. Han Ji Won

Han Ji Won, the talented actor, always does her own stunts, no matter how hazardous they are. She is courageous and passionate to her roles. The sword combat sequences in Secret Garden demonstrate her fearlessness.


9. Ji Chang Wook

He received specialised martial arts training for his duty as an elite bodyguard. "The K2" was the first Korean drama to feature the Matrix-style "Bullet Time effect" and featured a variety of fighting methods such as jujitsu, aikido, and taekwondo. The actor executed all of his stunts alone and did not use a body double.


10. Han So-Hee

She strove to do every scene herself because she wanted to do honour to her character. Despite the danger and difficulty of the stunts, Han So-Hee insisted on performing them without a double. She stated how much she practiced in order to portray Yoon Jiwoo as accurately as possible.