Article: Best Classic Anime Waifus

Shine, there are many modern anime about love, and some classic anime still endure with audiences both old and new. These characters are the biggest jewel in a classic anime's crown. Many anime fans can state their first crushes back to these fantastic female anime characters from the nostalgic series. Classic anime are understandably criticized for having useless stereotypes and for having shallow female characters who are prone to vampiness. Waifus characters are loved by anime fans.

1. Sango- InuYasha

Sango is a responsible and talented warrior in the anime, and her heart is always in the right place. She is a great ally and friend, especially to Inuyasha and Kagome. When she falls for someone, she is good at maintaining her boundaries and standards. She falls for Miroku, but keeps these feelings to herself, because she believes he needs to become more mature before she will trust him with her feelings. She is beautiful, but her most significant strength is her loyalty.

2. Major Kusanagi- Ghost In The Shell

In the anime, Major Kusanagi is a deep cyborg character. She is on a mission to hunt down the Puppet Master and is quite good at her job. She was designed to be physically strong, having the appearance of a young adult woman, but is very philosophical and old. Her personality is different from the manga, where she is more sassy and flirtatious. She is loved for how smart, capable, and athletic she is.

3. Riza Hawkeye- Fullmetal Alchemist

Few characters, like Riza Hawkeye, embody fierce capability in the anime. Roy Mustang pretends to be an apathetic playboy who can't resist his devotion to being a warrior like Hawkeye. Hawkeye always seems to have his back no matter what. Riza is a very composed character, especially compared to Roy. She is very conscientious and balanced.

4. Lisa Lisa- Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure 

Lisa is a mysterious character who stands out among the few female characters in the anime. She is enigmatic and has a bit more grit to her. However, she doesn't get enough attention in the series. She is the picture of cool-headed elegance, battle talent, and maturity.

5. Bulma- Dragon Ball

Bulma is extremely talented and takes no guff whatsoever in the series. She is a fantastic scientist and her talents can apply to many things. Over the long series, she has many different looks, her short turquoise hair, and 90s fashion matches her feisty personality perfectly. She is the kind of person to inspire reverence and great loyalty. She doesn’t seem to be intimidated by grumps, and her influence seems to change Vegeta for the better.

6. Queen Beryl- Sailor Moon

She is the first primary antagonist in Sailor Moon. Even though she is evil, whenever she loves someone, she loves them forever. She was once a humble but beautiful peasant girl who, from afar, loved Prince Endymion of Earth. She was pretty likable in the past before she had her evil descent. Sometimes, her love can be obsessive, but in this role, it may be worth falling in love with her.

7. Botan- Yu Yu Hakusho

Botan is comically cheerful and optimistic but relatively mature, especially compared to Yusuke, the anime’s protagonist. She is a Grim Reaper who ushers souls from the realm of the living to the spirit world. She has an otherworldly beauty with her thick, cyan-blue hair and her comprehensive, rabbit-pink eye. She loves to talk, so there seems to be a dull moment when she is around.

8. Faye Valentine- Cowboy Bebop

In Cowboy Bebop, Faye Valentine is a scrappy deuteragonist. She can seem funny and frivolous; she is exceptionally talented when she needs to be. She experienced a lot of betrayal and loss that led to her joining the Bebop, but that didn't stop her from forming a bond with the others and Spike. She tends to be most 90s anime fans' foundational crush.

9. Deedlit- Record Of Lodoss War

Deedlit seems to set the tone for many anime waifus in the early 90s classic and the late 80s. She is a high elf with magical powers, who thinks differently of humans and that can make her read as naive. She is taller in the anime than the manga and has an angelic and ethereal beauty. Her flowing hair and long ears make her look like a fairy tale heroine.

10. Office Jenny - Pokémon

Brock isn’t the only one who loses all his composure regarding Officer Jennys. She has a huge fan base, and has a bit more grit. She also looks great with her aviator glasses and her curled aqua bangs. Even though she isn’t a great police officer, at the end she seems to be determined to help without being domineering. She is a brave character and inspires many fan art and fan theories.