Article: Ten K-Dramas To Watch If You Like Park Min-Young

Park Min-Young is one of the most talented Korean actresses of this day and age. She has an extensive portfolio and has worked on quite a few dramas. Now her new drama, Marry My Husband, is all the rage. If you love her new drama and enjoy watching Park Min-Young these dramas are for you.

1. Marry My Husband

This is Park Min-Young's latest drama. It has all Min-Young's fans in an absolute chokehold. Park Min-Young's character is the main lead named Kang Ji-Won. The drama opens with Ji-Won in a hospital. We find out that she has cancer and does not have much time to live. She is struggling to pay the hospital bills as her husband has lost all their money. The only person she can rely on is her best friend, Soo-Min. However, things are not what they seem like. Ji-Won eventually catches Soo-Min and her husband Park Min-Hwan sleeping together.

2. Her Private Life 

Min-Young plays the female lead in this drama, Sung Deok-Mi. She is again able to capture the hearts of the audience with her incredible performance. Sung Deok-Mi works in an art gallery as its curator. She is also a superfan of a K-pop idol named Shi-An. She is also the manager of his fansite. Sung’s gallery has a new director who soon becomes interested in her.

3. What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim

In this drama, we follow Kim Mi-So, played by the talented Park Min-Young. She works as a secretary to Lee Young-Joon. Lee is the vice president of the company. His family owns the entire corporation. He is sophisticated, intelligent, arrogant, and exceptionally rich. Kim Mi-So has been a diligent employee for years. She has dealt with his tantrums and has fulfilled her position with grace. She chooses that she wants an early retirement and thus decides to step down from her position. This decision leaves Lee in a frenzy as he tries to convince her to stay and tries to woo her.

4. Love In Contract 

This drama was very entertaining to watch. Park Min-Young plays the vibrant and intelligent Choi Sang-Eun. She is talented, beautiful, and charming. She decides to start a business where she pretends to be her client’s partner. She gets married to her client and puts on a front, where she pretends to be his wife; however, she lives separately and continues her life. After a period, she divorces her client. She has been able to earn a lot of money through this business. Her life changed when a judge named Jung Ji-Ho and an actor named Kang Hae-Jin became her clients.

5. Queen For Seven Days 

If you like thrilling political dramas or enjoy historical dramas, then this drama is for you. Queen for Seven Days is a historical romance drama that stars Park Min-Young as Queen Dan Kyung. This drama portrays the tragic love between King Jung Jong and his Queen, Dan Kyung. After the queen was dethroned, she was forced to leave the palace.

6. Healer

Kim Moon-Ho is our protagonist. He is a very well-known reporter who worked for a major company. After learning the truth behind a major case Kim is heel bent on helping everyone related to the case. Along with Moon-Ho, Seo Jung and Chae Young-Shin played by Park Min-Young grow together to become honest reporters.

7. When The Weather Is Fine

Hye-Won, played by the beautiful and talented Park Min-Young, is a famous cello player. She has been playing the cello since she was a child. Hye-Won finds her life in Seoul to be unfulfilling. After she becomes discontent with her life in the city, she decides to move back to her childhood town of Bookhyun.

8. City Hunter 

City Hunter revolves around Lee Yoon-Soung, an ordinary IT engineer. Lee is intelligent and hard working. He works at the Blue House as an engineer. While working at the Blue House, he develops feelings for and falls heads-over-heels in love with a bodyguard named Kim Na-Na. Kim is a bodyguard who also works at the Blue House. However, Lee has a much bigger plan that no one knows about.

9. Sungkyunkwan Scandal

Kim Yun-Hee is a beautiful and a driven woman. After the tragic and sudden death of her father, she decides to work hard. While working she continues to excel in her studies. One day, Kim disguises herself as her brother and sits for the men’s only national exam.

10. Forecasting Love And Weather

Jin Ha-Kyung and Lee Si-Woo are co-workers at the Korean Meteorological Administration. Jin is a headstrong and hard-working young woman. Jin and Lee develop feeling for each-other and eventually fall in love. Park Min-Young again plays an outstanding role as the female lead.