Article: Top 10 Chinese Dramas Of Wan Peng

With her exceptional acting ability and range of roles, Wan Peng has carved out a place for herself in Chinese television and film. She has won over audiences all around the world with her mesmerizing performances. Here is a compiled list of the top 10 Wan Peng dramas if you're a fan or are just looking to learn more about her work. They all promise to be both entertaining and artistic.

1. First Romance

Years ago, Yan Ke and Xiong Yi Fan were classmates in school. But when she was younger, she was not know that Yan Ke was a secret lover of her, who adored her from afar and kept his crush a secret. Things are very different for both of them now that Yan Ke is in college and one of the most popular students in the school. Along with being handsome, sensitive, well-liked by female pupils, and consistently personable, he has grown into a promising young pianist. He does, though, privately feel aimless and unfulfilled. When an unexpected series of events brings them together, she also falls in love at first sight.

2. My Girlfriend Is an Alien

An extraterrestrial from the "Cape Town Planet" named Chai Xiao Qi lost her signal and was forced to remain on Earth. She came across domineering employer Fang Leng, who was afflicted with "rainy weather heterosexual amnesia" and frequently forgot the women in his immediate vicinity. Since then, a charming and beautiful interstellar love story has begun. In addition to being an alien, Chai Xiao Qi was also a true-handed witch. She would enter a "flowery state" after inhaling the hormone released by males on Earth and encounter numerous amusing things. Chai Xiao Qi used her different skills to address one accident after another to survive on the human Earth.

3. When We Were Young

Injured by a lab explosion while pursuing a bike thief in the summer, Yang Xi is unable to participate in a long-distance race due to her injuries. When classes start, she discovers that the person responsible for her misfortune has moved into her class and has even taken over as class president. He is Hua Biao, a brilliant scientist who is hot-blooded, reckless, and gifted. Hua Biao's entrance puts his classmates on alert right away, and he needs to establish himself before being accepted by the group. Later in life, they encounter many ups and downs.

4. Meeting You

Although Nan Xi was intelligent from birth, education wasn't always easy for him. He struggled to fit in because of his social anxiety in a world that always seemed too huge. He would frequently feel trapped by the chaos of life and have to withdraw within himself. He desired friends but found it difficult to reach out and make connections with others. Xia Rui is a bubbly, chatty girl who is a genuine social butterfly. She was frequently the center of attention while surrounded by friends, which made her school experience very different from Nan Xi's. Their paths were unlikely to intersect because they appeared to be living in different worlds.

5. Love Like White Jade

Jiang Manor employs Shui Wu Xia, a maid at Langya Pavilion, to help Master Jiang Bai Yu with his academics and martial arts practice. Jiang Bai Yu and Wu Xia, who are both daring and proud, collide. Both have a secret: Bai Yu is looking into the unexplained murder of his father, while Wu Xia is searching for her long-lost older brother. Fate brings them together frequently enough for Bai Yu to change his reckless behavior and for Wu Xia to see his true, unwavering heart. They will eventually find a connection between the murder of Bai Yu's father and the disappearance of Wu Xia's brother. Together, they expose the plots of their shared adversary, averting complete anarchy and, as a result, restoring peace to the people of the Jiang Continent.

6. Crush

Sang Wu Yan, a senior in college, wants to work as a broadcaster. She is an assistant at a radio station and has a crush on the mysterious musician "Yi Jin." After an accidental encounter with Su Nian Qin, she immediately falls in love with him despite learning that he is vision-challenged. Due to his dysfunctional family, Sang Wu Yan gradually strips away Su Nian Qin's evasive, haughty, and apathetic exterior. She later finds out that he was the gifted "Yi Jin." Their encounters develop into a passionate romance, but the pair must choose between their well-earned happiness and a fear of disappointment.

7. A Year Without A Job

Da Yu meets Xiao Yu, a young woman with the same first and last name as herself who was born in 1995. Due to serendipity, the two began living together when Xiao Yu left her work due to boredom. Da Yu imitates Xiao Yu's willingness to explore new things during their year of unemployment. Under the influence of Da Yu, Xiao Yu also picks up the skill of planning. They decide to go back to work. Due to the demanding demands of the business world, Da Yu, 30, strikes a brick wall and needs to find another means to go. Meanwhile, Xiao Yu gains the respect of her bosses by learning to work hard rather than coast.

8. Light My Way

With outstanding marks, a girl named Lu Zhi Yi was accepted into the Flight Academy. However, Chen Sheng, the school bully, thought Lu Zhi Yi was conceited, and Lu Zhi Yi also despised this affluent brat who was born into a flying family and was unaware of the sorrows of the world. Chen Sheng, who oversaw Lu Zhi Yi's physical training, first intended to subject her to rigorous exercise to make her understand how difficult learning to fly is, but Lu Zhi Yi's perseverance in the gym eventually overcame Chen Sheng.

9. The Lost 11th Floor

In this, Wan Peng portrays the role of Sheng Li Ya. According to a source, the famed Canghai City business behemoth JuLun Group hid the details of a long-ago mining tragedy. Director Qu Jiang, Jr. became the center of attention for the crusade against crime and evil. He discovers that there is no longer a clear-cut distinction between right and wrong in reality after being involved in the investigation. His adversaries, friends, and even his superiors all demand the suppression of the truth due to the numerous interests at stake. The difficult and heroic reality has also startled Yan Ge, a newly appointed female director.

10. Faith Makes Great

In this, Wan Peng portrays the role of Zhou Qi. Faith Makes Great recounts historical events that take place 100 years after the Communist Party of China was established and chronicles the people's never-ending fight to fulfill their ambition of revitalizing the country.