Article: Top 10 Chinese Dramas And Movies Of Wang Yi Bo

With his amazing talent and alluring on-screen persona, Wang Yi Bo has established himself as a leading personality in Chinese television and film. He has a devoted fan base worldwide because of his wide variety of jobs. Here is a list of the top 10 Wang Yi Bo dramas that offer a blend of entertainment and artistry, whether you're a fan or just looking to explore his outstanding body of work.

1. Gank Your Heart

Even though their first meeting was doomed to disaster, they enjoyed a sweet romance. This love story revolves around an e-sports gamer and a Tsundere live streamer. Ji Xiang Kong had a good name, striking good looks, and a large following. Indifferent to the fact that his name in the e-sports community is oddly wrecked, Qiu Ying encounters him during an international competition and seizes the opportunity to expand her notoriety. The association worsens her situation rather than improves it. This particular incident ends up being a blessing in disguise for Qiu Ying as she finds her calling. Unintentionally, she discovers Ji Xiang Kong is a brilliant but misunderstood person.

2. Love Actually

Ding Ren Jian is a father and a husband. He abruptly loses his job and begins working for young IT prodigy Zhai Zhi Wei. An Qing Huan is an older woman who works for a chain of restaurants owned by Zhai Zhi Wei's father. An Qing Huan and Ding Ren Jian fight when they first meet but quickly form a close friendship. An Qing Huan stands by Ding Ren Jian as his life falls apart after losing his wife, and their bond deepens.

3. My Strange Friend

It tells the tale of a group of individuals who possess extraordinary powers that enable them to read minds, predict the future, summon electricity, engage in telekinesis, and turn invisible. When Wei Yi Chen woke up one day, he found that his body was constantly altering rare genes, which had given him superpowers. He can read someone's thoughts by touching their face. Wei Yi Chen learns that his other abilities appear to be fading, though. In actuality, his power has been transmitted to Nan Ruo Yi, who can summon electricity, and Duan Mu Hao, who gains the capacity to predict the future.

4. The Untamed

When Wei Wu Xian and Lan Wang Ji, two gifted followers of reputable clans, cross paths during cultivation training, they unintentionally learn a secret that has been carefully kept secret for many years. They decide to eliminate the terrifying threat, carrying on the legacy of their predecessors. Wei Wu Xian passes away, though, in a shocking change of events. Wei Wu Xian is revived in a self-sacrificing rite sixteen years later. He assumes the persona of his summoner while hiding behind a mask. Wei Wu Xian and Lan Wang Ji soon get back together, and they begin collaborating to solve the puzzles of the present and reveal the truth behind the past's occurrences.

5. Legend Of Fei

The granddaughter of a national hero who was compelled to become a robber to further the common good is Zhou Fei. Her grandfather, then her mother, was in charge of overseeing a covert fort manned by bandits for 20 years. The fort's purpose is to defend the world from odd, extraterrestrial warriors who want to spread their particular brand of havoc throughout the mortal realm. The fort has declined in importance recently, and Zhou Fei is tired of being restricted to her birthplace. She repeatedly tries to flee because she wants to. But when she nearly drowns and is only saved by a wild teenage martial arts expert named Xie Yun, her life is changed forever.

6. Luoyang

The notorious deputy marshal Gao Bing Zhu is a member of the underclass. Having been accused of a crime, he must prove his innocence. He encounters a young man named Baili Hong Yi who is looking into the circumstances surrounding the death of his father while doing his investigation. To solve both mysteries, they cooperate. A wealthy family's daughter with exceptional martial arts abilities and strong survival instincts is on her mission. To elicit information from Gao Bing Zhu, she approaches him. They resent one other for their bothersome class distinctions. They quickly become connected at the hip despite the strain. It will probably destroy the entire city once it becomes known, leaving Luoyang with blood on his hands.

7. Being A Hero

Wu Gang, was assassinated by a narcotics trafficking group run by the enigmatic "K" three years ago. To get revenge, his son Wu Zhen Feng accidentally ruins an undercover police operation and sees his close friend Chen Yu removed from the drugs squad. Wu Zhen Feng decides to take matters into his own hands and boards the bus to the border as Chen Yu pursues him vehemently. The two almost become kidnapped while traveling. Wu Zhen Feng is saved and taken away by armed drug dealers while still separated, and there has been no word of him since.

8. Born To Fly

In this drama, a special operations squad led by accomplished pilots Lei Yu, Deng Fang, etc., is given the task of completing a challenging air mission. With their exceptional flying abilities and daring to perish, they continue to test the limits of the sky and themselves. Fear death and work wonders. Additionally, a variety of unanticipated disasters are occurring one after another.

9. All Tomorrow's Parties

When Beijing hosted the Asian Games in 1990, this particular story took place. Zhou was a person who looked after her mother and led a typical life. She is passionate about life, choosing to watch and donate to the Asian Games rather than purchasing jeans. Li Mo was a person who objected to his parents' decision (perhaps to work at the factory). He enjoys both traveling and creating poetry. Something popular at the time in China yet was obscure to most people. He had just returned from his trip and needed to return to life. He started with that poet look but afterward cut it to demonstrate that he had returned to his regular life.

10. Formed Police Unit

In this, Wang Yi Bo plays the role of Yang Zhen. A narrative that follows the Chinese peacekeeping police as they carry out their operations abroad. They actively react to the calls from corresponding countries to maintain security and stability in the world, and they are devoted to risking their lives to protect others. How will they respond to the upcoming set of obstacles this time?