Article: Top 10 Thai Series Based On Marriage

The most popular plot for Thai dramas is marriage. The series is about forced marriages, contractual marriages, and fake marriages. The series has a perfect twist of romance and comedy. Some of these series are light-hearted. But keep the tissues ready as these series are a rollercoaster of emotions. The main character falls in love with each other, but their journey to love is worth watching. Here are some promising Thai dramas based on marriage

1. Jao Sao Jamloei

The series is about a runaway bride coerced into marrying an older man to clear her family’s debt. As the bride is fleeing, she meets a young and wealthy vineyard owner. He asks her to marry him to elevate his royal standing. 


2. Chaobao Klua Fon

The series is about a wealthy playboy showered with hundreds of marriage proposals. He conflicts with his mother and wants to continue being a playboy. A student with a needy family enters an obligatory marriage with the playboy.


3. Mia Jum Pen

The CEO of a famous rubber business in Phuket bumps into a maid multiple times. The CEO is indebted to the kindness of the girl’s father and forced to get married to her. The maid works at his childhood friend’s house. This rom-com will not disappoint you. 


4. Praomook

Pramook is considered a good luck charm, and Lun has poor luck. Lun’s parents want her to get married to Pramook to put an end to her ill-fatedness. Pramook saves Lun from an armed man. Lun decides to agree with her parents and only under the condition that she will make him suffer. 


5. My Secret Bride

The series is about a young girl living in slums and fighting for the people of her community. She has a secret crush on the police officer, trying to keep the mafia away from the town. They quarrel with each other all the time. The girl approached to spy on the police officer while he proposed to her to keep her away from his cousin’s fiance. 


6. Bride In Disguise

The series is about a young man who returned from overseas, and his mother is pushing him to get married. He visits his nanny. There he is attacked by thieves. The thief is Rakfah’s younger brother. He steals because the family is in debt. When the young man comes to collect his wallet, he witnesses the loan sharks trying to kill them. The man gives the loan sharks the money and asks Rakfah to marry him. 


7. Jao Sao Jum Yorm

The series is about May, and she gets dumped on her wedding day and Kade, who was also getting married the exact day. They meet each other at the bar and ponder about their failed marriages. The people at the beach think they are a married couple. May and Kade choose to keep the fun going and pretend to be a married couple.


8. You’re My Destiny

The series is about Pawut, the CEO of an extensive organization, and Wanida is a secretary. They are found on the cruise together after Pawut is drugged, and Wanida consumes the medicine for the cold. Wanda decides to marry Pawut as she finds herself pregnant. 


9. Princess Hours

The series is about a Prince of a fictional kingdom after being rejected by his love interest. He agrees to get into an arranged marriage with the female relative of the royal guard to safeguard his self-respect.


10. Padiwaradda

The series is about Saran living his best life with money, status, and a girlfriend. Saran lost everything when his father took his own life. Saran’s girlfriend was getting married to someone else. Saran’s mother couldn't see his despair and decided to get him married to her best friend's adopted daughter.