Article: Top 10 Chinese Dramas And Movies Of Zhao Jin Mai

One of the hottest actresses in Chinese television and film right now is Zhao Jin Mai. She has a devoted fan base worldwide thanks to her unquestionable talent and captivating screen presence. These top 10 Zhao Jin Mai dramas are a must-see for any fan of Chinese entertainment if you're looking for some excellent dramas to binge-watch.

1. The Wandering Earth

Directed by Frant Gwo, this science fiction epic is set in a future where Earth is propelled away from a dying sun. Amid the chaos, the story focuses on a family's struggle for survival and their sacrifices to ensure humanity's continuation. Anchored in themes of family bonds, love, and human resilience, the film offers an emotional journey against the backdrop of a cataclysmic event.

2. One Week Friends

Shenghua High School's repeat class welcomed a new transfer student named Lin Xiang Zhi (Zhao Jin Mai). She is educated and reserved, but she is always alone. She does not socialize with other pupils. She nonetheless caught the eye of Xu You Shu, Song Xiao Nan, the worst student in the class, and aloof top student Jiang Wu due to her actions. Xu You Shu learned Lin Xiang Zhi's secret due to his desire to befriend him. Only seven days were left in her remembrance of her pal. Four people form a "doomsday survival" team, and Xu You Shu becomes more involved in aiding this lonely girl by constantly generating surprises and memories that belong to them.

3. The Blessed Girl

There is a lot of mystery around Suchuan. There are now only desolate areas torn apart by strife from what was once a wonderful place of peace and prosperity. In this land of pain, Yuan Yi, the young king who would put an end to his people's problems, ascends to the throne. Because the issue has to do with the rumored demise of the gods, Yuan Yi decides to locate the individual who has the spiritual power necessary to bring the gods back. He disguises himself as a commoner and sets out in search of someone strong enough to ward off the evil that afflicts his realms. In a remote village, Yuan Yi comes across Ling Long, the little child with tremendous spiritual strength, and her father, Huo Tu Xin.

4. Stand By Me

Luo Qi Qi had a somewhat unusual academic history as a child growing up in the 1990s. After surviving her lonely elementary school years, she transitioned into a tumultuous middle school stage. Now that she is a senior in high school, she must deal with the difficulties that come with becoming a young adult. After years of intermittent friendship with Xu Xiao Bo, Qi Qi has recently begun to notice that it's gotten much more challenging to comprehend their relationship. Sometimes, it looks like his affection for her has grown beyond just a friendship, while other times, it just seems like they're an old friendship.

5. Reset

College student Li Shi Qing is caught in an endless time loop aboard a public vehicle that is about to explode, killing her and everyone on board and trapping her in an incomprehensible phenomenon. Shi Qing accidentally pulls fellow bus rider Xiao He Yun into the time loop in her desperation to discover a way out of the time loop and her awful fate. Together, they strive to change their fate by ensuring the bus reaches its destination safely, but this proves to be much harder than they anticipated.

6. A Little Thing Called First Love

It is the tale of an ordinary girl who develops a crush on a popular boy at school. A shy, clever girl named Xia Miao Miao falls in love with a handsome, talented senior in her school and then sets off on a self-discovery journey through college. Xia Miao Miao decides to change as a result of Liang You Nian. She begins to study diligently to improve her grades, join school activities, and learn about fashion with the aid of her pals. Every day, her routine life gets a little more colorful.

7. Growing Pain

Contrary to predictions, the cheerful and upbeat Lin Miao Miao (Zhao Jin Mai) scored highly on the most recent examinations, gaining her admittance to a prestigious high school. Her mother, Wang Sheng Nan, is incredibly pleased with what her daughter has accomplished. Being free from her mother's authority and living in the dorms has Lin Miao Miao beaming. However, given the fierce rivalry, school life is not simple. When Miao Miao's grades start to suffer, her mother, Wang Sheng Nan, decides to work as a tutor. By their third year of high school, Lin Miao Miao and her companions must adjust to significant household changes.

8. Go Brother!

In this, Zhao Jin Mai portrays the role of Miao Miao. Shi Miao wishes her elder, carefree brother Shi Fen wouldvanish from her life daily. Then, one day, her wish is granted, and he is made to become the brother of her best friend. She is thrilled by the turn of events and truly enjoys being a single child, even if she laments the demise of her best friend. She learns a secret Shi Fen has kept as she observes him going about his days hanging out with his pals and playing practical jokes.

9. Reborn

In this, Zhao Jin Mai plays the role of Chen Rui. Deputy Chief Police Officer Qin Chi discovers after coming out of a coma and losing his memory that he allegedly led a group of his close friends on a stake-out that resulted in their all being killed. Qin Chi must determine what happened, and his part in the events because he is the only survivor, the police suspect him of being a traitor, and all the witnesses are dead. He continues to be a detective and works with his colleagues to unravel the many other mysteries behind challenging cases.

10. Balala The Fairies: The Movie

The sisters Michelle and Maggie (Zhao Jin Mai) and a few other companions are at a stargazing camp. After a few months, they observed some meteorites that struck the planet. When the two sisters investigate, they discover an odd but attractive stone with a wounded bird. After bringing the bird home to care for it, they find out Shirley, who had returned from Fairy Castle. They now have a new task to complete: obtaining the Star Key.