Article: Top 10 Chinese Dramas Of Bai Lu

Few people have blazed the stage and screen as brilliantly as Bai Lu in the dynamic world of Chinese entertainment. Bai Lu has firmly established herself as a renowned figure in the industry thanks to her acting talent, breathtaking beauty, and a wide range of roles. By analyzing the top ten pieces that most effectively showcased her outstanding talents, this article will give a comprehensive summary of her extraordinary career.

1. King Is Not Easy

Da Xi is a talented cook who longs to wed the most attractive man. It was love at first sight when Shao Yong, a Royal Guard, entered the picture. She enters the palace as a maid because she needs to be close to him. She quickly recognizes that she has been duped and needs to flee right away. She runs into Emperor Ji Man while climbing a wall, who believes she is an assassin he needs to stop. Their souls wonderfully switch places. He is now the escaping maid, and she is the Emperor.

2. The Legends

When Lu Zhao Yao is attacked by the ten immortal sects and tries to steal her predecessor's Wanjun Sword, she is murdered. She believes her closest buddy is involved in the tragedy after discovering that Li Chen Lan is the son of the demon king. Five years later, when Li Chen Lan becomes the Wanlu sect's leader, Zhao Yao resolves to exact revenge. Now a spirit, she assumes the body of Qin Zhi Yan, a female Immortal Sect student, and changes it into her own to kill Mo Qing, also known as Li Chen Lan. But when she gradually falls in love with him instead, things don't turn out the way she had hoped.

3. Arsenal Military Academy

To protect the beleaguered northeast of the nation, the government recruits young male conscripts, but a woman named Xie Xiang also wants in on the battle. To enlist in the Chinese army, she chooses to chop her hair short and take on her brother's identity. Xie Xiang immediately establishes her military prowess and swiftly gains admission to a prestigious military institution in Shanghai. She makes friends with a number of the young male recruits while attending the academy, including the kind and reserved Shen Jun San and the argumentative rich boy Gu Yan Zheng. But when Gu Yan Zheng and Shen Jun San start feeling things for Xie Xiang, their struggle gets more complicated.

4. Lucky's First Love

A tale about first loves and relationships told from the viewpoints of three couples at work. It follows a strong-willed, independent young woman who meets a boss with a black belly. Xia Ke hires Xing Yun to work at his gaming business because of the positive connotation of her name. He is a driven and independent son who chooses to succeed independently rather than take over the family business. She encounters numerous extremes and overcomes obstacles while transitioning from a sketch artist to a game designer while coping with her black-bellied boss. The girl who has never been in love, discovers that the final obstacle is love due to their constant fighting.

5. Love Is Sweet

Jiang Jun is a young woman with a dual degree in psychology and economics who is allergic to tears. She worked in a charitable organization after graduating, where she pursued her goals. But her father's unexpected accident puts her in a difficult situation. She ultimately decides to carry her father's final desire and work for a prestigious investment firm. Jiang Jun encounters Yuan Shuai, her former playmate, in MH. However, the present Yuan Shuai is now her rival rather than her kindly protector. However, Jiang Jun finally succeeds in her profession and love life thanks to her gentle character, attention to detail, high EQ, and sense of judgment.

6. Jiu Liu Overlord

Long Ao Yi led the Longzhu Sect, while Li Jing Liu was a formidable commercial magnate. When a strange heist rattles the city one day, the two city lords against one another. The head of the Mafia, Long Ao Yi, is on one side. She stands in for Lower Jiuliu, home to prostitutes, matchmakers, candy dealers, tailors, entertainers, and matchmakers. Li Jing Liu, the wise head of Upper Jiuliu and the social elite caste, is the silk tycoon on the other side. However, as they go from battling for the city to cooperating, the two must set aside their biases. After fighting one another, the two reunited in the Jianghu and economic worlds.

7. Song Of Youth

Lin Shao Chun is the daughter of a former high-ranking official in the Ming Dynasty (mid-1500s) during the reign of the Long Qing Emperor. Her father and the rest of the family lose favor after being charged with theft and wrongdoing. She joins a traveling theater group to make ends meet, where she meets Sun Yu Lou, the heir to a wealthy family. At first glance, he falls in love with Lin Shao Chun. However, she has no plans to stay with the theatrical group; instead, she wants revenge on those who mistreated her family. She poses as a male to take the required exams since she wants to join the civil service.

8. One And Only

The character Zhou Sheng Chen, who was reared by his brother the Emperor, until he was thirteen, is the subject of the television series. Cui Shi Yi, on the other hand, was a well-read princess from a prestigious family who had been engaged to the Crown Prince from the beginning of time. But tragic incidents and political schemes left Cui Shi Yi silent. Under a pall of political unrest, Zhou Sheng Chen returned to the city. Cui Shi Yi moved from the capital's sheltered life to the Zhou Residence in the Western State. As professors and students, Zhou Sheng Chen and Cui Shi Yi quickly grew close despite their differences.

9. Forever And Ever

This narrative centers on Shi Yi, the most talented voice actor in the entertainment business and a charming, attractive, and modest woman. He meets Zhou Sheng Chen, a handsome chemistry professor, at the airport one day. Over time, they grasped how to get along with one another. When they decide to be together for the rest of their lives, they work together to protect traditional craft and endure numerous hardships.

10. Till The End Of The Moon

It describes a world in which humans and cultivators were subject to the control of demons. The elders of the cultivator community back then thought it was crucial to send someone back in time to track down the devil king's birthplace and stop him from waking. Subsequently, they dispatched Li Su Su to undertake the mission and adopt the persona of the mortal Ye Xi Wu, General Ye's second daughter. Determined to destroy Tantai Jin, the future demon lord and prisoner prince, she is set to wed him. Because Tantai Jin will massacre a great number of people in the future. However, an unexpected story emerges from witnesses to Tantai Jin's ascent to power and prior life, making his mission more difficult.