Article: 10 Heart-Warming Korean Historical Romance Dramas

Over the past few years, K-dramas and Korean culture have gained much fame thanks to the Halyu Wave that has taken over the world. Recently, plenty of historical romance K-dramas have gained popularity for their unique themes. These dramas create a fascinating blend of love, history, and the various dynamics that existed in the socio-economic and political structure of the ancient world. These dramas provide an enthralling look into the rich tapestry of Korean history, ranging from epic sagas of star-crossed lovers to tales of unexpected alliances. The vibrant background of ancient Korea, too, is a fascinating point, as it creates wonder in the hearts of viewers from different cultures worldwide Below are Ten historical romance K-dramas that will surely give you an enchanting insight into the fascinating world that once existed.

1. The Tale Of Nokdu

The Tale of Nokdu is an intriguing drama about a man who disguises himself as a lady to enter a village exclusive to women. He intended to uncover the truth of his birth, which seemed tied to the women’s village. The story shows an unconventional turn of a man dressing up as a woman instead of the other way around. At the village, he also meets a woman who wants to escape her fate of becoming a kisaeng. She, too, dresses up as a man to escape the village and find her freedom. It's an engaging, intriguing, and emotional drama.

2. The King's Affection

Park Eunbin has won a place in all our hearts with her excellent acting skills throughout her career. The dramas in the past few years have gained massive popularity as she picks up various characters from different walks of life. The King's Affection is an intriguing drama where an outcast princess has to disguise herself as her brother, the crown prince, after his death. This Drama also features SF9's Rowoon, who plays the role of the princess' first love. The two had secret feelings for each other before the princess got driven out of the palace as a young girl. As their relationship rekindles, the story becomes more and more exciting and heartwarming.

3. Hwarang

Hwarang is a drama that got public attention for its shining casting, with all the famous Korean male actors and even idols in the same show. Park Seojoon, Park Hyungsik, SHINee's Choi Minho, and BTS' V—all of them and others were a part of an elite training school, Hwarang. It was made for all the young and elite boys of the country so they could learn to protect the kingdom. The drama is full of mysteries and eye-catching plot twists that will engage viewers until the end.

4. 100 Days My Prince

100 Days My Prince is a K-drama featuring EXO's D.O. and Nam Jihyun. The story is of a prince who gets tangled in a conspiracy. This conspiracy leads to a fatal accident. After the accident, he loses his memory and starts living as a commoner in a rural town. There, he meets the oldest single woman in the town. The prince spends 100 days with her as a married couple, after which he returns to the palace. The story is sweet and sometimes sad, but overall, it is a heartwarming watch.

5. Rookie Historian Goo Haeryung

Rookie historian Goo Haeryung tells a very empowering yet sweet story. It is about a woman, Goo Haeryung, who dreams of becoming a historian at the Royal Palace. On the way, she catches the fancy of the young prince, who wants nothing more than to be with her. She remains headstrong towards her goal, but by the end of the story, we find the two of them in a relationship. The story is sweet and has a tone of female empowerment at a time when women were not allowed to have jobs among men.

6. Moonshine

Moonshine is a story about a woman taking control of her destiny and deciding to use the alcohol ban during the Joseon Era to start an illegal business doing the same. It is the only way she can get money to buy medicine for her sick mother. However, she can’t escape the police when they catch her doing so, which leads to a push and pull and a secret that must be guarded to keep her safe.

7. My Sassy Girl

My Sassy Girl is a romantic comedy in a historical setting featuring a love-hate relationship between a princess and her tutor. The tutor is the most renowned scholar in the country, nicknamed “Joseon’s National Treasure” for his literary achievements. The king hires her to teach his troublemaker princess a lesson. A relationship starts between the two—one that is plagued with mischief and annoyance, which eventually morphs into the scholar becoming a protector of the princess.

8. Poong, The Joseon Psychiatrist

Poong the Joseon Psychiatrist is a 2023 K-drama set in the Joseon Era. Poong is the pseudonym of a man who was once the royal acupuncturist, but after a traumatic event, he is driven out of the country. A rural acupuncturist takes him in, and there he starts practising again. Because his trauma makes him incapable of using his needles, Poong learns to analyse the minds of his patients to treat them with the same efficiency he did before.

9. Under The Queen's Umbrella

Under the Queen's Umbrella is one of the most beloved K-dramas of the year it came out, especially internationally. This is largely because of the compassion of the queen, who has to appear strong in front of the world after losing her eldest son to a disguised murder. The world is waiting to catch her faults, and she has to persevere through them as she prepares one of her four sons to become the next crown prince. One of her children is a transgender woman, and she shows her as much support as she can and protects her with everything. She is a good mother who wants nothing but the best for her family and her country, despite not being as powerful as people make her out to be.

10. Love In The Moonlight

Love in the Moonlight is an adorable story about a prince who finds himself falling for his eunuch. The catch is that this eunuch is a lady in disguise. The leads are played by Park Bogum and Kim Yoojung, and they do an excellent job making this historical romantic comedy a very entertaining watch.