Article: Coolest JJK Villain

Jujutsu Kaisen has revolutionized the shonen genre, whether through its trope-defying characters or its complicated yet compelling lore. JJK has become one of the most popular anime of all time. Despite its fighting sequences and toe-curling animation, the thing that sets the anime apart the most is the ideology behind each character and the progression of the narrative. Every character represents a complex concept that fits the plot flawlessly.

1. Hanami

Hanami is a cursed spirit who has a grudge against all humanity for a very understandable reason. Their objective is to eliminate humanity. They go up against jujutsu sorcerers to preserve nature, as humans have been harming it for years. He is an underrated character who isn’t standoffish and overpowered but has a gripping character and presence that draws the viewer's attention.

2. Dagon

Dagon was one of the few special-grade cursed spirits introduced alongside Jojo and the others. Initially, he looked like a meek figure, however, he snaked his true colors when he evolved after he heard about Hanami’s demise. He trapped Nanami, Naobito, and Maki in his Domain and would have nearly defeated them if Toji’s corpse hadn’t broken through the barrier.

3. Suguru Geto

He wasn’t always the bad guy, and before that, he was Satoru Gojo’s only best friend. They were close, but after Amane’s murder, something snapped in Geto. He became distant from himself and his ideals. Suguru won the fans' hearts when his character’s past was explored. He was a perfect friend and a great curse user who always had Gojo’s back. He was ruthless as a villain despite having no personal grudge against the jujutsu sorcerers.

4. Toji Fushiguro

Toji was the main antagonist in Gojo’s Past arc, and he made a brief yet impactful appearance. He is introduced as a powerful and ruthless killer who is more into his assassination profession for money than anything else. One of the reasons why his character is so instrumental is because his single action of killing Amane changed the course of history.

5. Ryomen Sukunan

Ryomen is only known through Yuji Itadori. Even though he didn’t get 100% of the spotlight, he is still the most excellent villain in the anime. He would use his jujutsu technique to do the talking instead of giving speeches about how he wants to change the world.

6. Choso

Choso is one of Kenjaku’s minions in the Shibuya Incident arc, he had other motives for being there. He is trying to take revenge for his fallen brothers at the hands of Kugisaki and Yuji. To him family is the most important thing that is quite a rare feature seen in villains. Even though he is not the main antagonist, his blood manipulation technique is strong enough to defeat Yuji. He may not have enough screen time, but his cool outfit, constant I don’t care expression, and killer blood moves make him a unique character.

7. Eso And Kechizu

Eso and Kechizu’s impact in the Death Painting arc was quite impressive. The product of Death Painting womb and brothers to Choso, Kechizu and Eso, fought Nobara, and Yuji with style. They were sent by Mahito to recover one of Sukuana’s fingers and almost succeeded. Their battle against Nobara and Yuji was mind-blowing and intense, and their blood manipulation technique proved quite lethal.

8. Jogo

He might have been the unluckiest cursed spirit, as his first opponent was Satoru Gojo. He isn't a typical brainless sidekick villain who jumps into a battle without a thought. He is an evil and vile character who doesn’t think twice before lighting people up for no reason. He has an intense hatred towards humans and showcases this feeling several times by burning people up.

9. Mahito

Mahito is the most hated character in the entire series, even before he killed Nanami. Born purely out of negative emotions and humanity’s hatred, he was introduced early in the anime series as a sociopathic killer curse. He believes that killing humans without having any reason is indeed who he is. He may be detestable, but his development, character-wise, was on point.

10. Kenjaku

He is the series’ main villain and the mind behind Gojo’s sealing. What makes him one of the most excellent villains is the details he puts into his plans that extends as far as calculating everyone’s moves. He is an ancient curse user who has existed for thousands of years using his innate technique, by which he could transplant his Brian into other people to control them.