Article: Top 10 Thai School Drama

Who does not love school stories? And when they have some drama and romance?  You just love them, don’t you? So do we!  Here we are, bringing you the top 10 Thai school dramas you should watch, and I’m sure they will melt your heart! These have everything from romance to action to friendship to misery.

1. Kiss Me

Kiss me casts Mike Angelo and Aom Sushar as lead characters. Tenten is a genius who recently shifted from Japan. His father’s best friend is the father of Taliw, Tenten’s classmate. Taliw falls in love with Tenten, but he embarrasses her in front of the whole school. Taliw’s best friend who also has a crush on her dislikes Tenten and is willing to even fight with him when he hurts her. Will her love be returned to her? Who will Taliw choose?


2. Hormones Series

Life as an adolescent is very tough, isn’t it? This drama brings you the ups and downs of adolescence. It deals with homosexuality, relationships, bullying, violence, and substance abuse. Will they survive in school or not?


3. Girl From Nowhere

Nanno, a mysterious girl, transfers to different schools to expose staff’s and students’ hypocrisy, lies, betrayal, and secrets. Is she bad? Is she good? You will never know. This drama reached heights in Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Brazil as well.


4. Princess Hours

Princess Hours is inspired by the Korean drama of the same name. This happens in the world of an imaginary country, Bhutin. Two royal families want their son and daughter to get married. No one shows interest in one another but are forced to get married. The guy was in love with someone else but she rejects him and so, he is forced and agrees to marry someone else for the sake of their families. Days pass and both start to understand each other a lot. Soon, this friendship changes to love. This drama was loved by the Thai audiences very much.


5. Senior Secret Love The Series

This drama has many stories. There are three segments in season one which is ‘My Lil boy, Puppy Honey, Bake me, love’. There are 2 segments in season two which include My Lil boy 2 and Puppy Honey 2.  This drama revolves around different problems of school children like studies,friendship, love, etc.


6. U- Prince: The Playful Comm-Arts

This story revolves around a girl named Sung who has always dreamt of her perfect boyfriend. This perfect boyfriend happens to be Kiran who is from the Comm-Arts department. One day, Sung is hit by a cycle and makes a promise to the god of death and he sends her back to the mortal world. For some reason, whenever she touches Kiran, something happens. Will there be any sort of romance between them?


7. My Dear Loser: Edge Of 17

Oh is a big nerd and is bullied by many but mainly by a person known as Copper. He is termed as a mushroom by his fellow mates. But the only person who shows him sympathy is a pretty girl named Peach. But sadly she is dating his biggest bully, Copper. Will he fall for his bully’s girlfriend?


8. Who Are You

This is inspired by Korean drama (Who are you). It has a total of 18 episodes. The plot revolves a pair of twins. A rich family adopts one of the twins. And the other one lives in poverty. The twin which is poor faces extreme bullying in school. Seeing her sister in pain and despair, the rich twin takes her place in school and faces the bully with intelligence and power. Will her secret be out soon?


9. Secret Seven

This story revolves around a girl called Padlom who does not believe in love. Somebody tells her that one out of seven boys who live in her neighborhood like her. Out of curiosity, she decides to get to know him. Will she ever find out who likes her?


10. Girl Next Room: Richy Rich

Daeng Lek is also known as Duchess in a university. She was once not rich and was poor. She seeks validation from several places where she was not allowed when she was poor. Only one guy recognizes her from her past who is Krathing. All he does is tease her about it. Will she be able to face him and accept her past?