Article: Top 10 Chinese Dramas Where Childhood Friends Turn Into Lovers

It is seen in many Chinese dramas that the trope of making and watching childhood friends turn into lovers. The benefit of watching this trope is that the audience gets to see the perspective of leads from their childhood to their adult life, making it beautiful. There are some of the Chinese Dramas Where Childhood Friends Turn Into Lovers that are worth a watch.

1. My Fated Boy

My Fated Boy describes the story of Lin Yang, who creates a good bond with a boy, Lu Zheng An, from the neighborhood. They form a close bond, irrespective of her being seven years senior him. Life pulls them apart until they meet again, but she only sees him as his little brother while he wants more from her.

2. Lovely Us

Lovely Us is a beautiful C-drama about five good friends who have been together since their childhood. They have created an amazing bond with each other and are always there for problem solving. They created their group clique name called ‘No. 1992’ and they started their journey by being each other's shoulder.

3. Skate Into Love

Skate Into Love describes the story of Li Yu Bing and Tang Xue. Li Yu Bing was a shy and fragile boy, and Tang Xue used to tease him a lot. They meet again at university as their love and passion for ice bring them closer. Lu Yu Bing is now a quarterback and strong boy who wants to take revenge on Tang Xue.

4. Beautiful Time With You

Beautiful Time With You describes the story of a transfer girl student, Lin Xing Chen, who thinks she got gold when her deskmate is everyone's ideal guy, Lu Yi Bai. But what she expected didn't go as planned. After experiencing so much trouble in school, she and Lu Yi Bai grow closer, making their bond magical.

5. Ever Night 

Ever Night is a heart-wrenching and adventurous historical drama. Ning Que was born in the Tang dynasty, and one day, his family gets murdered, and only he escapes. Now, the young boy survives through the wild forest and meets a small young girl he names Sang Sang. Yet he later discovers that there is a mysterious entity within her.

6. River Flows To You

River Flows To You is a beautiful describes story of two neighbor friends, Qi Ming, and Yi Yao, living in the same alley. After facing so much in their childhood and being there with each other, they move out of the alley and can finally be together. Until they are forced to break up because of their career paths. Youth comes with a package of beauty and regret.

7. As Long As You Love Me

As Long As You Love Me is a heart-wrenching C-drama that will leave you in tears. Zhuo Yan Zhao and Xiao Meng are childhood best friends who grew up loving each other. They were separated, but when it was time to reunite, many misunderstandings led to them being away from each other.

8. Pretty Li Hui Zhen

Pretty Li Hui Zhen describes the story of Li Huizhen, who was once a pretty girl, but years of hardship took a toll on her physical appearance. Her childhood friend, Bai Haoyu, was once a chubby and unattractive boy and now is an attractive man who wants to meet her. But he fails to recognize her, so she sends her stylish best friend in place of her. Now, she has to work with him, and he is cold towards her.

9. Nirvana In Fire

Nirvana In Fire is a historical revenge Chinese drama. It is about Mei Changsu, who was framed by his emperor and was ordered to be killed. But he survived the tragedy and went undercover. After many years, he returns with a different physical appearance and name to take revenge.

10. Unrequited Love

Unrequited Love describes the story of Luo Zhi and Sheng Huai Nan, who were playmates in childhood. In their school, their bonds start to disconnect as she focuses on her studies. In the university, fate plays its role as both come face to face. Will Luo Zhi’s love remains unrequited or not is intriguing to not miss out on the audience.