Article: Top 10 BL Dramas Where Childhood Friends Turn Into Lovers 

One of the favorite tropes other than enemies to lovers is friends to lovers. But friends to lovers also test people's hearts as it can be heart-wrenching to watch. There is something magical about seeing how two friends take their relationship to a new level.

1. My Only 12%

My Only 12% is a Thai BL drama about two best friends who are inseparable from childhood. Cake and Eiw are opposite to each other but still besties. The Cake is popular, whereas Eiw is the biggest introvert. Eiw loves Cake more than friends, but Cake thinks the opposite. When Cake returns from abroad, he finds that everything has changed, including Eiw.

2. Lovely Writer

Lovely Writer, a Thai BL, tells the story of Gene, a writer who writes BL stories. He gained popularity from one of his novels, which will be adapted into a series. He was invited to the selection of the characters in which he was least interested. Until he meets Nubsib, at first glance, he admires Gene a lot. Or is there a behind story for the admiration?

3. The Promise 

The Promise is a Thai BL that describes the story of Phupha and Nanfah, who grew up inseparable since childhood. Phupha’s father runs a coffee shop on one side, and Nanfah’s father runs a pharmacy on the other. They grew up by being with each other. Until Phupha disappears from Nanfah's life, and Nanfah has to live a new life without his best friend.

4. Don’t Say No

The Thai BL Don’t Say No describes the story of two inseparable best friends, Leo and Fiat. Leo has been in love with Fiat since childhood, but Fiat is a playboy and sleeps around. Despite all their misunderstanding and confusion later, they started dating. But from being friends to lovers, how awkward can it get?

5. I Told Sunset About You

I Told Sunset About You, a beautiful Thai BL, describes the friendship bond between Teh and Oh-aew. They had been best friends since childhood, but a fallout happened, and they stopped talking. Until they meet again in their final year to prepare for their university entrance exam. Soon, they reconcile, but it also brings feelings beyond friendship that are hard to understand by them.

6. Our Dating Sim

Our Dating Sim is a recent Korean BL about two best friends, Shin Ki-tae and Lee Wan. Lee Wan, on their graduation day, confessed and kissed Shin Ki-tae, leaving Ki-ate shocked. Before he could answer, Lee Wan ran away from his life. Seven years later, they meet again as colleagues, and the story takes a rollercoaster of tears and happiness for them and the audience.

7. Star Struck

Star Struck is another recent Korean BL about two best friends who are opposites to each other. Seo Han Joon has been in love with his friend, Jo Yoo Jae, for a long time. He knows his love will never be reciprocated, and he has no problem as he never will confess to him. Until one day, an urge Seo Han Joon confesses his feelings to Jo Yoo Jae.

8. Theory Of Love

Everyone knows unrequited love hurts the most and if the person you love is your best friend. Theory Of Love is a Thai BL that describes the story of Third, who has been in love with Khai for three years. As Khai goes on dates and is straight, which hurts Third the most, he decides to stop his feelings. But will Third be able to do that? It makes the plot intriguing.

9. Remember Me

The Thai BL series Remember Me describes the story of two young men who become good friends in their school. Golf, a confident boy and reticent, Gun begins to attend university. Gun has romantic feelings for Golf, but his acne problems make him too shy to confess. But with a new university being a lot of change. Will it be good or worse for both exciting to watch?

10. Jun & Jun

Jun & Jun, a recent heartwarming Korean BL, is all about fate that brings two lost childhood friends and lovers together. Lee Jun starts to work in a company without knowing that the new general manager is his childhood friend, Choi Jun. At first, he doesn’t recognize him, but Choi Jun does, as Lee Jun is his first love.