Article: Top 10 Thai Movies Shot At Bewitching Locations

If there's one thing that Thailand is known for, it's the high-production movies. Whether well-directed action movies, terrifying thriller movies, or romance, the films have their unique charm. Thailand is also known for its various beautiful locations. Chiang Mai, Phuket, and Bangkok are famous for their scenic beauty and rich heritage. Numerous Hollywood and Bollywood movies are filmed in Thailand every year. Here are the Top 10 Thai movies that are praised for their beautiful imagery and for being aesthetically pleasing.

1. Railway Sleepers

Railway Sleepers is a Thai documentary shot in Thailand itself. The movie beautifully portrays the lives of the people traveling by train and their very different lives. The documentary is shot inside the train and shows us a glimpse of the outside world. The simple and green scenery portrayed will capture your heart.

2. Happy Old Year

This 2019 movie is about Jane, a woman who returns to Bangkok after living in Sweden. After unexpected events, Jane wishes to rekindle her friendship with her ex. The movie beautifully shows the various alluring locations of Sweden and Bangkok.

3. The Protector

The protector is a renowned Thai action film. A young and mighty fighter goes to Australia in search of a stolen elephant that belongs to the King of Thailand. The brave protagonist fights an evil gang. The film portrays beautiful scenes of several places, including Australia, Thailand, New South Wales, and Sydney.

4. One Day

One day is a romance/drama movie filmed at Kiroro Resort in Japan. The movie helps us understand the characters with the aesthetically pleasing scenes of Japan. The movie also displays famous attraction spots like Hokkaido, Sapporo, Hakodate, Otaru, etc. It explores the beautiful streets and roads of modern Japan.

5. The Destiny Of Love

The Destiny of Love is a Thai romance television series that premiered on 20th July 2020. The original Thai title of the movie is "Phrom Pissawart." The film takes place in Thailand as well as South Korea. The series shows us the beautiful and pleasing locations in South Korea.

6. Hello Stranger

Hello Stranger follows the story of two strangers that end up going home together and perhaps finding love together. The movie shows us various popular South Korean destinations like N Seoul Tower, Dongdaemun, Myeongdong, and Cheonggyecheon.

7. Paradox

The beautifully shot Thai movie directed by Wilson Yip is 2017's Paradox. A Hong Kong cop, with the help of a local police officer, seeks to go in search of his missing daughter through Thailand.

This well-written film in Hong Kong and Thailand received numerous nominations and awards for its outstanding performance and beautifully captured scenes.

8. Khu Kam

Khu Kam is a Thai drama adapted from the Thai novel written by Thommayanti. The movie's beautiful and charming scenes take place in Thailand. We assure you that you will want to visit Thailand after this movie.

9. Tropical Malady

One of the highest grossing and most famous movies is the Tropical Malady. The plot is about a soldier that falls in love with a local village boy. The movie, with its well-written romantic storyline and the beautiful green scenery of Thailand, is bound to steal your heart.

10. Love Of Siam

The movie's original title is Rak haeng Siam. The film beautifully captures the story of two best friends who drift apart only to meet again as teenagers. The two boys gradually discover their love for one another when one of them is a renowned pop singer. The movie has a unique style and explores many beautiful locations in Thailand.