Article: Top 10 Korean Celebrities Who Represent Luxury Brands

It would not be wrong to say that Korean stars have made their impact on the global level and are getting the recognition they deserve. With their increasing popularity, they are now getting more and more opportunities in different aspects of entertainment. They have also proved that their fashion game is not weak from other celebrities and are giving a tough competition to Hollywood stars in endorsing Luxury brands on National and International levels. Various luxury brands have chosen Korean stars to endorse their products. So, here is a list of some of your favorite Korean celebrities who represent Luxury Brands:

1. BTS For LV

World's biggest boy band, BTS, was announced as the House ambassadors of Louis Vuitton at the beginning of 2021. LV shared a lot of pictures of this band in their clothes. They have proved that their fashion sense is not weak than anyone and are now considered as one of the best fashion Icons in Korea. The band was first seen wearing LV in Grammys.


2. Rose For Tiffany

Next comes Rose of Black Pink, who is the global ambassador of a very prominent Jewellery brand, Tiffany and co. She was born in 1997 and is very popular among fans and starred in the digital campaign of the brand. Her elegance and style made her the perfect match for this brand.


3. Jennie For Chanel Beauty

Here comes another member of Black Pink, Jennie, who was appointed as the ambassador for the brand in the year 2018 and is now fronting the brand. Her fashion sense is loved so much by the fans that she is often referred to as Human Chanel.


4. Kai For Gucci

It looks like Kpoppers are admired in the fashion industry as Kai of Exo is the Korean ambassador for Gucci, which is a rare thing. He is very appropriate for this role as he has a perfect height and physique. He was chosen for their eyewear campaign in 2019.


5. G-Dragon For Chanel

This Big Bang leader was appointed as the ambassador for Chanel in 2017 and is the first K-Pop celebrity to do this. The best part is that he is not like other brand ambassadors because he adds his unique style to every piece that is styled on him.


6. Ji Chang-Wook For Calvin Klein

Here comes the global model of Calvin Klein and is the first Korean actor to get this opportunity. Fans are crazy to see him as a model for this brand as he has a perfect physique for it. The brand’s thinking behind choosing him for this role was him being an ideal fit for the young and modern audience.


7. Song Hye Kyo For Fendi

Song Hye Kyo is one of the most popular actresses in the K-drama world. She was appointed as the Korean brand ambassador for Fendi in February 2021. Her soft, elegant, yet strong appeal is the reason for that. She is also the brand ambassador for Chaumet in Pacific Asia.


8. Jisoo For Dior

Here comes the ambassador of Dior, Jisoo, who is also a member of Black Pink. Before that, she worked closely with the brand for a few years and because of her elegance and class, she became part of Dior’s 2021 Cruise collection.


9. Chanyeol For Prada

Member of a trendy brand, EXO, Chanyeol, is now the ambassador for Prada and is also part of their special video in which they showcase the glamour of Prada. He was there in Singapore to attend their spring 2019 shoe before being chosen.


10. Yoo Ah In For Burberry

This excellent young actor is the brand ambassador of Burberry as both the brand and actor have one adjective for their fashion, and that is quirkiness. The brand posted a lot of images starring this actor on their Instagram handle. He is also the ambassador for a famous brand Cartier in Korea.