Article: Top 10 Korean Actresses Who Disappeared From The Industry

Being a part of the entertainment industry takes work. Many things are happening there, good or bad, and experience is not the scene. Some people have experiences that they want to forget forever, and others have experiences they want to cherish their whole life.

1.Oh Hyun-Kyung

Oh, Hyun Kyung hit a nasty patch, leading to a collapse in her career because of her love life. In 1998, she mentally broke down because she found a sex tape of herself with her ex-boyfriend of 28 minutes on social media. Soon she became a sensitive topic, and people started to ignore her. This followed her to see the bottom of the cliff eventually, and because of that, she took a break from the entertainment industry and decided to go to America.  

2. Lee Tae-Im

Lee Tae Im is a South Korean actress who suddenly announced her retirement from the industry in March 2018. She also left a message on her Instagram account and, soon after, deleted all her social media accounts. Her sudden decision to retire shocked the public and her agency. She also terminated her contract with her agency even though there was still a year left for it to expire, resulting in her paying a penalty. Soon after her sudden retirement, the news revealed that Lee Tae Im was three months pregnant and was getting married to her fiancée.

3. Han Ji-Sun

Han Ji Sun was once found drunk in a taxi where she climbed into the passenger seat, which was occupied. When it was stopped at a light, she slapped the 61-year-old taxi driver’s face and hit him in the head with a thermos. She was taken to the police station, where she slapped and punched the police officers multiple times. Due to that, she was sentenced to probation and a fine. She was boycotted and dropped from TV dramas to reflect on her behavior and responsibility as a public figure. She apologized later for her mistake, and the driver accepted her apology. She had tears and told him she wouldn’t drink anymore. 

4. Heo Yi-Jae

She suddenly decided to retire from the industry and disappear because, in one shooting, her married co-star was alleged for asking her to sleep with him. When she declined, he got angry and tried verbally and physically abusing her. She mentally broke down, especially after receiving no help, and thus decided to leave the industry.

5. Seo Min-Jung

She debuted in 2000 and got a kickstart in 2006 by playing a role in the sitcom Unstoppable High Kick! On August 25, 2007, she married a Korean American dentist Ahn Sang Hoon. After the marriage, the ceremony planned to move to New York City, where Ahn Sang Hoon lived. Thus, she decided to leave the entertainment industry and retire from her acting life soon after she gave birth to a beautiful daughter in 2008 named Ahn Ye Jin.

6. Seo Yea-Ji

Seo Ye-Ji, renowned for her role in its ‘Okay Not to Be Okay,’ was accused of bullying and abusing her staff in her school. She was also accused of being manipulative towards her ex-boyfriend, actor Kim Jung-Hyun. Soon after these stories made the headlines, many brands pulled off their support and endorsement from Seo Ye-Ji, leading to her dropping out of her new drama Island.’

7. Song Ji-Eun

Song Ji-Eun is a South Korean singer and actress known as a member of the South Korean girl group ‘Secret.’ On February 26, she submitted a request to the Korean Commercial Arbitration Board to verify her contract with TS Entertainment to deem it invalid; this included the inappropriate distribution of payments for her drama appearances and transferring her exclusive contract rights to a third party without her permission. After that, she took a hiatus.

8. Seo Ji-Hee

She debuted as a child actress and was very active in her career from 2004 to 2017, but she has not been seen working after that. Her last acting project was a drama named ‘Between Friendship and Love 2’. Her fans have been eagerly waiting for her to come back.

9. Han Ye-Seul

She debuted in 2003 in a sitcom named Nonstop4 and, after that, has been playing many lead roles in various television dramas. There was once news that she had left in the middle of her busy schedule and had flown back to the United States. She was also criticized for not showing up. She has said that she was not happy with the working environment and the producer of that show. The drama was stopped, after which it went on a hiatus.

10. Jang Mi-Inae

Jang Mi In Ae started on sitcoms and has done several television dramas. The actress made headlines for criticizing the government when screenshots of an article surfaced, showing how unhappy she was with the government’s decision to pay 1000000 KRW to each family of 4. Her comment made a lot of people since most of the population supported the government’s decisions. After that, people in South Korea boycotted her, and she has not appeared in any drama after the incident.