Article: 10 Korean Actors Who Desperately Need A Hit

The Korean industry holds several brilliant talents inside the realm of the global industry. When it involves K-Dramas, everybody is aware of the popularity of Hyun Bin, Park Seo Joon, and many more. However, many other K-drama actors may not be as famous as them but are remarkable and talented actors that deserve more attention. 

1. Choi Tae Joon

Choi Tae Joon is known for his commendable performances in dramas like 'Suspicious Partner' and ‘Exit' and returned with the Korean remake of 'So I Married An Anti-fan'. Choi made his acting debut in childhood in ‘Piano’. However, it'd be an understatement to say that Choi Tae Joon deserves more fame. Choi Tae Joon deserves a lead role, and his fans would love to see more of him on the screen. Choi even won an MBC drama award for Best New Actor.


2. Lee Soo Hyuk

Lee Soo Hyuk is extremely underrated at this point, especially considering how captively renowned he's as an actor. Most of us recall him from 'Scholar Who Walks The Night’, where he played the antagonist vampire Gwi. It is no wonder that he initially aspired to be a model because of his extraordinarily sharp features and piercing gaze. It seems age has not touched him since a teenager, and we can not help but desire him to get cast as a male lead with all of the spotlights on him soon. He  was cast in the fantasy drama ‘Doom At Your Service’.


3. Kang Ki Young

Kang Ki Young can make any K-Drama a million times better. He personifies his characters with all his being, making them iconic and memorable and the entire experience much more enjoyable. He's the one who makes you laugh and also the one you miss the most and remember when the drama is over. He's an all-in-one package. He made his debut with Hemmingsen Hall with 'Our bad Magnet.’ He won the 'Excellence Award’ and the 'Best Supporting Actor' at the 14th Soompi Awards. He is a rising star, and people want to see more of him on screen.


4. Kwak Si Yang

Kwak Si Yang is a charming actor in the industry and is jamming with lead role potential. Kwak debuted as an actor in Glorious Day in 2014. His first lead role was in 2014 Night Flight. He acted in the music drama, Persevere, Goo Hae-Ra. He performed as Grand Prince Suyang in 'Redsky’. He has proved his caliber on multiple projects and truly deserves more attention and appreciation for his visuals, talent, and charming personality.


5. Lee Ki Woo

We all know Lee Ki Woo from “Flower Boy Ramyun Shop”, who didn’t end up with the girl in the show. He got his first lead role in “Doctor Detective”, but the drama was not very popular.  It’s quite a concerning matter because Lee Ki Woo has excellent acting skills and quite the body. Look at that incredible height! Imagine him bending down towards a shorter female as a lead in a rom-com. The man deserves more chances as the main lead and more screen time.


6. Lee Jong Won

 Lee Jong Won debuted in 2018 in the web drama "Back to the Future.” He performed in web dramas such as 'Method To Hate You' and a few movies and music videos. In 2020, he worked in the web drama based on the webtoon 'In Your Dream’. With his commendable acting, cute looks, and contagious smile, he caught the attention of millions of fans. In an interview, he said he loves cats and to date older women. He also mentioned that his favorite food is baked chicken.


7. Mun Sang Min

Mun Sang Min started his acting career with the web drama “4 Reasons Why I Hate Christmas”. For his first project, as a lead, his acting is quite good. He is an actor with true potential. In the web drama, he is playing the lead role of Yeom SeJin, who is a busy student with many dreams. His tall height, large shoulders, and chocolate boy mesmerized the viewers.


8. Park Sang Nam

Park SangNam is an actor to look at. He made his debut in 2015 in the music video of TaeiK for 'I'll Tell U’. His previous stage name was Park SeulMaRo.  Since his debut, he has acted in many web dramas including: 'Find My Brother’,'No Time for Love’, 'Stand by Curator’, 'Stanger Kim’.  He is a part of the agency Sidus HQ. The actor is tall, handsome and has a captivating chestnut eye color which is just too good to be true.


9. Ryu Eui Hyun

Ryu Eui Hyun is one of the lead actors of the web drama “A-Teen”, acting as Cha Ki Hyun. He is a rising teen actor who interests many viewers with his excellent acting skills. The actor has been sharing his daily routine by being active on his Instagram account. He also likes to share pictures of his pet dogs or grocery shopping. He previously acted in web dramas such as "Can Love Be Refunded”, "A-Teen 2”, and more. Last year, he was confirmed to be dating AOA's HyeJeong.


10. Lee Se Jin 

Lee Se Jin was in the show "Produce X 101”. He played supporting roles in web dramas ‘Yellow’, and ‘When You Love Yourself’.  After these shows, he appeared in the Netflix Original series “Love Alarm ''. His first TV drama, ‘A Piece of Your Mind’ was a success. His previous projects were web dramas and music videos. Lee SeJin was the lead actor in “Oppa Will Date Instead'. I would love to see more of him on screen.