Article: Top 10 BL Couples With The Cutest Height Difference 

The audience feels the chemistry through their intimate staring and touches. But all tops when the cutest height difference between the actors is present because it makes everything better and more beautiful. Also, it is said that having a perfect height difference is like fate playing the part of putting two imperfect puzzles together to make it perfect. Below are some BL couples with the cutest height difference adored by the people.

1. Park Seo Ham And Park Jae Chan 

Park Seoham And Park Jae Chan are one of the hit Korean BL couples of all time. They starred in the popular K-BL Semantic Error as Jang Jae Young and Cho Sang Woo. Seoham is almost six feet and 3 inches, whereas Jaechan is five feet and ten inches. Also, the characters in the series are enemies at first sight, which gives all the justice for their height difference.

2. Max And Nat

Max And Nat are a Thai BL couple who have played a lot of series together. From their large age difference to their height difference, everything screams cute about them. Max is five feet and nine inches, and Nat is five feet and four inches. With their off-screen chemistry, people can see how much Max cares for Nat.

3. Ja And First

Ja And First, the fated couple of the Thai BL industry scream that they are truly born to be paired up with each other. Ja is almost six feet and one inch, while his partner First is about five feet and nine inches tall. Their height difference is one of the reasons why people adore watching their series all the time.

4. Zee And Nunew

Zee And Nunew is a popular couple of BL series that went viral for their visual and cutest height difference. Zee is five feet and nine inches tall, whereas Nunew is about five feet and six inches tall, making more depth for their chemistry to be liked by people.

5. Ohm And Fluke

Ohm And Fluke are Thai actors who starred in all-time favorite BL Until We Meet Again. Apart from their chemistry, their height difference is also talked about. Ohm stands six feet and one inch, whereas Fluke has the cutest height of five feet and seven inches.

6. Kang Hui And Ok Jinuk

Kang Hui And Ok Jinuk are another popular K-BL couple that starred in Cherry Blossoms After Winter. Their cute chemistry as lovers in the series becomes more successful as their height difference adds more depth to their scenes. From their warm hug to their cuddling scene, everythi ng is beautiful. Kang Hui is six feet and 2 inches. Ok, Jinuk is five feet and eight inches.

7. Off And Gun 

Off And Gun is the legendary duo of the Thai BL world. They have done many series together, yet their chemistry still blooms in people’s hearts. Off is five feet and ten inches tall, while Gun is about five feet and six inches, making the chemistry between them lovable for the people.

8. First And Khaotung

First And Khaotung is the ghost couple of Thai BL world. Nobody thought they would look amazing with each other, plus their height difference is also something nobody anticipated. They truly know how to act and make people fall in love with them, and their height difference makes everything better. First is six feet tall, and Khaotung is five feet and seven inches tall.

9. Fluke Gawin And Krist

Fluke Gawin And Krist, another Thai BL ghost couple of 2023, starred in the BL Be My Favorite. Fluke Gawin and Krist's height difference is beautiful, and Krist in such a different role makes people love it the most. Fluke Gawin is six feet tall, and Krist is five feet and seven inches tall. They have wonderful chemistry with each other.

10. Man And Ben

Man And Ben are the recent Thai BL couple that starred in the Step By Step series. Their office romance series got more attention because of their almost ten-year difference and height as a bonus for their wonderful chemistry. Man is six feet and two inches, and Ben is five feet and seven inches.