Article: 10 Thai Lakorn Actresses Who Played Double Roles As Twins

To be able to play two different roles in one production, and to pull it off with such grace and amazement is worthy of a good applause. Here is a list of 10 lakorn actresses who have been cast in the roles of twins.

1. Anne Thongprasom 

Anne Thongprasom is a Thai actress, producer, and model of Swedish and Thai descent. She played many popular roles in the 2000s, and is best known for her role in the 2004 drama ‘The Letter: Jod Mai Rak’.She played a double role in the 1997 drama, ‘Song Naree’. Anne played the role of a pair of twins. One that is confident in herself, is spoiled, and absolutely loves to goof around, especially with men. The other twin is more gentle, innocent, and a bright natured woman.


2. Peechaya Wattanamontree 

Peechaya Wattanamontree is a Thai actress and is currently considered to be one of Channel 7’s most highly accomplished actresses of her generation. She is widely loved and anticipated by the general public. Peechaya’s most popular role till date is ‘Pin Anong’. Peechaya was cast in a double role in the 2019 version of the 1997 drama ‘Song Naree’ as the main lead twins. Like its older version, the 2019 version also revolved around the lives of two twins who are complete polar opposites in nature.


3. Kimberley Anne Woltemas Tiamsiri

Kimberley Anne Woltemas Tiamsiri is an actress and model. She is of German, Thai, and Spanish descent. Kimberley’s mother is Thai, while her father was of German-Spanish descent. Her breakthrough role was in the series ‘4 Huajai Haeng Koon Kao’. Kimberley played the role of a pair of twins in the 2021 released drama ‘Song Sanaeha’. The drama’s plot revolves around the lives of two twins with complete polar-opposite personalities but similar appearances. Duen is a model and actress without any regard for anyone else's feelings in the least. Pit, on the other hand, is considerate of others and takes good care of those around her.


4. Nalinthip Sakulongumpai

Nalinthip Sakulongumpai, nicknamed Bua, is a famous actress based in Thailand. She is widely known for being cast as the main lead in TV drama series like ‘Suae See Fon’ and ‘Tra Barb See Chompoo’. ‘Khun Mae Suam Royin’ was a twin-based drama released in 2018. It was about a professional stunt-woman, Sina, who returned to Thailand in order to find her twin sister, Siriya. Siriya became the victim of a mysterious shooting attack, which left the lower portion of her body disabled. Both amazing roles were played by Bua.


5. Oranate D. Caballes

Oranate D. Caballes, professionally known as Richie Omrawadee, is an athlete and actress. Prior to entering the entertainment world, Richie competed in Miss Teen Thailand 2011. She made it to the finals but withdrew at that point due to the Thailand National Youth Games. In 2020, Richie was cast in the lakorn ‘Sorn Ngao Ruk’. It was about two twins, Kwanma, and Kwanoei. Kwanma was a female but Kwanoei a male. For some reasons, he was forced by his mother to hide his true identity and live as a female instead.


6. Kwan Usamanee Vaithayanon

Kwan Usamanee Vaithayanon is an extremely popular and prominent actress who has appeared on the cover pages of several major magazines in Asia. Kwan has been acting since she was a child and is apparently very serious about her craft. Kwan played a double role as a twin in the tv drama ‘Jao Sao Salatan’. Kwan played a twin role and was cast as Khemika, a young woman who discovers that she has a twin sister after she suddenly disappears. Khemika poses as her twin to get to the bottom of the truth and figure out why her twin disappeared.


7. Urassaya Sperbund

Urassaya Sperbund, popularly known as Yaya, is an actress and model. Yaya has established herself as a widely acclaimed household name. Yaya was the first Thai actress who was titled as the ‘Friend Of Louis Vuitton’. In 2019, Yaya was cast in a twin role in the lakorn ‘Klin Kasalong’. The main plot of the drama moved around the indifferences of a pair of twin sisters and how their past lives negatively impacted their future lives as well.


8. Ranida Techasit

Ranida Techasit, is an actress under Channel 3, who goes by the nickname Preem. Preem did not plan on working in the entertainment industry, but as she got cast in different productions, she slowly began to enjoy her career and flourished. ‘Duen Pradab Dao’ was a 2017 released lakorn about a pair of twins, Pang and Puen who had been separated at birth. Pang is an actress in Thailand while Puen works as a patissier in Australia. When Puen finds out about Pang, she makes up her mind to go to Thailand and find out the truth.


9. Siriam Pakdeedumrongrit

Siriam Pakdeedumrongrit, commonly known as Ann, is a television actress who has been featured in many high-rating lakorns under Channel 7. Siriam has been an active member of the Thai entertainment industry since 1989. Ann played the role of twins in the 1998 released ‘Fai Rissaya’. The lakorn was about Ruanglada and Renuka, two twins and the envious feelings the younger twin had towards the older one.


10. Sadanun Balenciaga

Sadanun Balenciaga, nicknamed Marina, is a singer, model and actress signed under LOVEiS Entertainment. Her father passed away back in 2011 due to colon cancer. Marina’s mother is a former model, and her sister Rasri (Margie) Balenciaga is an actress and model under Channel 3. Marina was cast in a twin role in the 2020 drama ‘Sorn Ngao Ruk’. It was the story of Kwanma and Kwanoei, two twins. While one was biologically female, the other was made to live like one and hide their true identity. Marina played the roles of the two twins post-surgery.