Article: Top 10 Japanese Choreographers

Dance is not just movement it's a universal language and emotion. Dance is an expression that is used to convey a wide range of emotions without even speaking. Though dance is a Powerful mode of connecting without the use of language, it is very important to have the right choreography with the right rhythm. If not, then the whole point of expressing oneself through dance goes in the back seat. That is why choreographers are hired for big named artists to create the perfect choreography for the right rhythm. Now we know the importance of a good choreographer. These top Japanese choreographers are worldwide recognized and even have a fan following of their own because of their raw talent.

1. Rino Nakasone

Starting this list with the well-known Japanese choreographer, Rino Nakasone. Rino Nakasone is one of the most sought-after choreographers in the Asian entertainment industry. She has choreographed Japanese artists such as SMAP and also some of the top k-pop artists, such as SHINee, Girls Generation, Super Junior, TVXQ, F(x), and the list goes on. Rino Nakasone even choreographed SHINee's debut single Replay, for which she is especially close with all the members of SHINee. Rino Nakasone along with her dance crew competed in America's Best Dance Crew, where she got the second rank.


2. Saburô Teshigawara

Saburô Teshigawara is one of the most respected choreographers in the nation of Japan. He was born in Tokyo in 1953. One of his Saburô Teshigawara has choreographed some wonderful arts such as the Nederlands Dans Theatre and Paris Opera Ballet. The creative dancer is the co-founder of KARAS. He has done some great international works for which he found wide recognition as a dancer and a choreographer.


3. Mikiko

Mikiko began her dance journey when she was 19, she gave dance lessons on street dance and ballet when she was 19. She is a dancer and a choreographer. Mikiko is the principal choreographer and director of Elevenplay which is a high-tech dance troupe. This achievement shows her ability as a dancer and choreographer.


4. Hal Yamanouchi

Hal Yamanouchi is not only a great choreographer but also a great actor and writer as well. Surely talent flows naturally to Hal Yamanouchi. Hal Yamanouchi is half Japanese and half Italian. Hal Yamanouchi started his career as a mime, which is a form of dance. Later he choreographed for stage performances. Even as an actor he has starred in over 100 films and television series.


5. Koharu Sugawara

People following k-pop will surely be familiar with Koharu Sugawara. Koharu Sugawara started her career in dancing as a backup dancer for artists such as SMAP, Rihanna, Girls Generation, 2ne1, etc. She has choreographed artists such as SHINee, Taemin, Girls Generation, etc. She even appeared in one of the music videos with Taemin, "Move" which she choreographed.


6. Satoshi Ohno

Satoshi Ohno is the leader of the Japanese boy group Arashi. Apart from being the cool Japanese idol that he is, he is also a great choreographer. Ohno has choreographed some of the songs of Arashi. Though at the end of 2020 Arashi has announced indefinite hiatus, we can surely see them back on the stage performing Satoshi Ohno's Choreography.


7. Rie Hata

Rie Hata is one of the promising Japanese Choreographers of recent times. She has choreographed a wide range of songs by various artists all over the world. She has choreographed for some very popular artists such as EXO, BTS, Red velvet, Etc.


8. Kaori Ito

Kaori Ito is a Japanese dancer and choreographer. She mainly works in France. She took dance lessons at the age of 5 years. In 2014 Kaori Ito founded her own company called Hime.


9. Daichi Miura

Daichi Miura is a well-known face in J-pop Industry. But many don't know that apart from being a great singer and songwriter he is also a choreographer. Mostly Daichi Miura himself choreographs his songs. Daichi Miura is regarded as one of the topmost talented singers and dancers in the Japanese Entertainment Industry.


10. Kenji Miyamoto

Kenji Miyamoto is different from all the other choreographers listed in this article. The main factor which sets him apart from the choreographers we have mentioned here is the fact that he doesn't choreograph for the entertainment industry. Kenji Miyamoto is a figure skating choreographer and coach. He is a former competitive ice dancer. During his career as an ice dancer, he has participated in ten ISU Championship.