Article: Top 9 Korean Artists With A Grim Past

K-pop has its allure, and Korean culture has long been renowned for its romance and beauty. However, everything excellent has a downside, and Koreans are no exception. There are some downfalls to being an idol. Some renowned faces have had a hard childhood. Nevertheless, after examining this element of their life, we also admire them. Let us talk about the top ten K-pop artists who have a dark history.

1. Sunmi 

In addition to Sunmi's poor financial conditions, her father experienced a physical problem. Becoming an idol is the fastest way to earn money, Sunmi, responsible for providing for her two younger siblings, auditioned for and was approved by JYP. After that, she underwent rigorous training and began ignoring her father's texts. One day, her father texted, ‘I’m leaving’. He passed away the following day; the weight of regret is unbearably heavy, and what's worse is that Sunmi committed suicide due to being the target of cyberbullying.

2. Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany 

When Tiffany was just 14 years old, her mother committed suicide. Because of this enormous loss, she was bewildered and hopeless and found music was the only solution. Tiffany had to spend five days persuading her father, who opposed Tiffany's desire to pursue music as a profession, to permit her to book her flight to Korea to begin training. Tiffany had to work additional jobs after training hours to help support herself while she was living alone in Korea, such as instructing English.

3. Former SS501's Kim Hyun Joong 

His mother's doctor advised her to terminate him since she became pregnant too soon after his brother. When he was younger, two drunk, intoxicated men nearly killed him. He lived on the streets because his parents, who wanted him to concentrate on his studies, damaged the guitar he had paid for with his own money. He nearly fell victim to a bogus Korean agency's con. He has experienced at least three near-fatal accidents. Due to his controversy, he killed himself and his mother.

4. Super Junior's Leeteuk

 Leeteuk had an "unlucky childhood," in which his parents frequently quarreled and even physically assaulted him. Leeteuk's father left his wife and moved back in with his parents, but after learning that both of his parents had lung cancer and Alzheimer’s, he developed despair. Leeteuk's father decided to place both of his parents in a nursing home when the financial situation deteriorated. His father killed his parents and then committed suicide the day before sending them out. In his last will, Leeteuk's father referred to "taking the parents with [him]" and implied remorse for having to put his parents in a nursing facility.

5. IU  

The family of IU was living comfortably before a debt plunged them into abject poverty. After some time, she and her brother moved in with her relatives, and IU had to endure verbal abuse. Initially, Even as a trainee, life had not been simple for IU. The young IU got scammed into submitting a substantial amount of money to an agency for training and performing on TV shows while seeking auditions to attend. IU was devastated since her grandma had saved the money by selling minor accessories and had given it to her.

6. Miyawaki Sakura 

Sakura, well-known for being attractive and well-liked, had a difficult upbringing. When Sakura was one, her parents separated. Sakura continued to live with her mother, who had a boy with another man. Never having seen her father, Sakura has never seen a photo of him. During the concert, one man approached to shake hands and express his support for Sakura. When she realized it might be her father, her grandma immediately asked him , "Did she not recognize you?" Sakura realized at that point that it was her father. When someone questioned Sakura whether she had ever met his father during the event? She said NO

7. TVXQ’s Yunho 

A gorgeous man who is perfect in every way has spent nights on the street. A happy face may indeed conceal a lot. Despite their struggles, his parents never made him feel burdened. When he followed his father one day, he discovered that he delivered newspapers every morning, and what was even more astonishing was that his mother had previously worked in factories. Yunho suffered the entire time and lived in poverty.

8. Former Wonder Girl’s Yenny

 When her father, Reverend Park Young Kyoon, was detained for fraud totaling more than USD 18,000,000, Yenny from Wonder Girls was horrified and terrified. Despite her parents divorced when she was a little child and estranged from her birth father for many years, her father solicited donations from church members using her notoriety. The reverend requested funding for his brand-new research facility erected beneath his church and made dividend promises to people who contributed money. He sold out her name to persuade his targets when they wondered where the money came from.

9. Jaejoong (JYJ) 

Jaejoong may appear serene, but his life has been traumatic and upsetting. He was adopted when he was three years old. He had to eat leftovers from the restaurant where his mother worked because his father had lost all of his money in a scam. His parents later divorced. His biological mother abandoned him for adoption as a result. His biological mother sought to get in touch with him after his debut. Jaejoong learned about his ancestry.  He was really in awe.