Article: Top 10 Thai Industry Scandals

The Thai industry is full of controversies and scandals. Every celebrity, big or small, is under the constant scrutiny of fans and media. One problematic comment often leads to a series of actions where their past is dug up until their reputation turns upside down. In this age, it is not rare to find your favorite actor in the middle of some controversy. The growing cancel culture further adds to the drama. Following is a list of the top ten Thai industry scandals.

1. Toy Thanapat

Famous Thai actor Toy Thanapat stunned the entertainment industry after confessing to the murder of his girlfriend. The netizens were left in utter shock after the revelation that he had stabbed his girlfriend twenty times in anger and rage after having a major fight. In his defense, he claimed that it was his girlfriend who brought the knife to kill herself, and in an attempt to save her, he stabbed her.

2. Krist And Singto

BL actors Krist and Singto had to face the heat of the netizens after being caught making a series of problematic comments on a live video. They began by joking about how they looked like rape survivors on camera and continued to make transphobic jokes that led them to get canceled. They also had to post a public apology for hurting the sentiments of their fans.

3. Mew Suppasit

After receiving recognition through the show ‘What The Duck,’ Mew Suppasit seemed to grow closer to his co-star Puwanai Sangwan. The fans of the show were thrilled to see their favorite ship getting closer until they were left in shock by a video, released by Sangwan.   In the video he alleged that Suppasit had tried to kiss him non-consensually. He later claimed that he was also sexually harassed by Suppasit.

4. Ohm Pawat

Ohm has been under some significant heat from the netizens and the media for a couple of reasons. He has made himself a name in the country not only because of his roles but also because of his problematic behavior. After being caught using homophobic slurs, a video of him inappropriately touching someone resurfaced. He also faced some significant backlash after the revelation that he used to bully autistic kids and would push them around while in school.

5. Jennifer Kim

Jennifer Kim was one of the more famous celebrities caught in the cross-hairs after she was seen endorsing unlicensed cosmetic brands. She was one of the thirteen public figures who were to be put into prison if found guilty by the Royal Thai Police. She was under media scrutiny for quite a while following the scandal.

6. Gulf Kanawut

Thai actor and model known for his role in the popular TV series TharnType Gulf, came under the limelight for all the wrong reasons when he admitted to bullying someone for being too girly and had no remorse about it. Not only that, he is also known to have mocked people with disabilities in the past.

7. Build Jakapan

Build has been the latest figure caught in the winds of controversy and cancel culture in Thailand. After getting recognition and fame through the series KinnPorche, he found himself in a whirlwind of scandals. The viewers and the entertainment industry were shocked to see his past comments on rape and making fun of a child who was raped and killed. He also admitted to being racist, homophobic, and misogynist in his apology letter.

8. Noeul Nuttarat Tangwai

Famous Thai-Korean actor and singer Noeul Nuttarat faced significant backlash when found joking about gay rape, pedophilia, and homophobia in a text. He later admitted to all the homophobic and problematic claims in his apology letter and was canceled by the netizens for quite some time.

9. Korn Kang

The famous Thai actor, known for his roles in shows like Secret Seven and Two Fates, gained media attention for all wrong reasons when his ex-girlfriend accused him of giving her an incurable sexually transmitted disease. She also claimed he had cheated on her with other men and women. His management, in their defense, released a half apology and declared her mentally ill.

10. Bright Vachiravit

One of the most popular Thai actors, 2gether famed Bright, received hate from netizens and Chinese fans when he retweeted a picture that described Hong Kong as an individual country. He was massively trolled by Chinese and Thai fans online until he issued a public apology. He is now one of the most popular celebrities of Thailand.