Article: Top 10 Thai Shows To Watch On Netflix

With the growing popularity of OTT platforms, East Asian dramas have become a global phenomenon. Thanks to multiple online mediums, the Thai entertainment industry, too, has witnessed a surge in popularity. Names like Bright Vachirawit and Mile-Apo are well-known to almost all Thai-drama fandoms around the world. Netflix, being the most streamed-on OTT platform, is famous for providing a platform where viewers can watch their favorite dramas. So let us take a dive into our list of the top ten Thai shows on Netflix.

1. Plead: Bangkok Love Stories

Centered around a fortune teller who has a day job grinding almonds, this show describes a twisted love story of a man who falls for her. The storyline revolves around the ways in which fate works. It works towards bringing the protagonists together and eventually driving them apart. The dilemma leads the main character to question everything she has ever believed in.

2. Sleepless Society: Insomnia

A psychological thriller, this drama is a mysterious rollercoaster ride that follows its lead as she unveils the plotline. The main character of the show is an insomniac. A being that is constantly haunted by disturbing nightmares and visions. She decides to set on a journey she frequents in her nightmares to solve their mystery and put them to an end.

3. The Judgment

Full of trauma and commentary on the toxic traits of popular culture, The Judgement revolves around a college student who becomes a target of gossip and hate after going through a traumatic incident. The show witnesses her struggle to change the toxic narrative of her college culture. Headstrong and determined, the protagonist underscores the importance of chivalry in face of dark situations.

4. Miss Culinary

Released in 2019, Miss Culinary is the story of a maid who leaves her job to pursue her dream of becoming a chef. On this adventurous journey, she finds herself in the middle of a love triangle. Torn between two men who push her towards her dream, the narrative is full of charm. The show is a fun and light-hearted watch. It is full of moments that do not just inspire you, but also give you butterflies in the process.

5. The Charming Stepmom

The show is a joyride with moments that will make you laugh out loud. It follows the story of a fashion student who takes on the job of a nanny for a handsome widower’s children. The children try to make her leave her job through a series of silly pranks and scenes, and the show depicts her journey of finding a way to find acceptance among them.

6. Girl From Nowhere

A series that makes all the other high school dramas look like child's play. Meet Nanno, an enigmatic transfer student with an agenda of uncovering hidden truths. Packed with plots of deception and unexpected twists at every turn of the series, you’re in for a thrilling ride for this one.

7. I Need Romance

With relatable characters, modern themes of love and relationships, and witty banter, I Need Romance is a slice-of-life series you ought to check out. With the narrative revolving around three best friends, the series won’t disappoint you with its heartwarming quality. Whether it's heartbreak, laughter, or love, the episodes give you a glimpse into the challenges of maintaining love and friendship in a fast-paced society.

8. Unlucky Ploy

This chaotic series follows the story of Ploy, a woman who is convinced that she is eternally cursed when it comes to romance. With a dash of magic, she stumbles upon someone who could change her life forever. Packed with funny mishaps and quirky characters, you won’t regret binge-watching this unique rom-com on a weekend.

9. 6ixtynin9

Undeniably a series as wild and weird as its name, 6ixtynin9 is a rollercoaster ride of crime and dark comedy. When Tum, an ordinary office worker, receives a mysterious box of money delivered to her door, her life turns chaotic. The series is a thrilling and unpredictable short watch that you must not miss out on.

10. The Miracle Of Teddy Bear

Join us as we witness Nat’s favorite soft toy turning into a human and all the chaos that follows. As Taohu tries to find answers about his past in the new human form, he can’t help but build a unique connection with Nat along the way. A heartwarming series that combines fantasy and drama to bring out a story that tugs at your heartstrings.