Article: Top 10 Famous Thai Movies On Netflix

The Thai section of Netflix is brimming with excellent documentaries, romantic films, comedy, horror programs that go mostly unnoticed. There's a lot to see on Netflix in the Thai genre, from horror to romance. On Netflix, you can watch these Thai movies.

10. Shutter

“Shutter” is unquestionably one of the best and most terrifying horror films ever created in Thai cinema. The tale transforms something mundane like pictures into a scary subject. “Shutter” is also a financially successful Thai horror film that has generated three remakes, one of which was a big hit in Hollywood, and it's worth watching.


9. One Day (2016)

One Day is a 2016 Thai love drama film. It's a beautiful film with an obvious narrative and no overblown situations throughout. The central characters in these Thai Movies on Netflix have outstanding performances, and the film's use of quiet is unfortunate. This is a heartfelt film with a good narrative and excellent camera work. This is the finest romantic drama film ever made.


8. Ghost Lab

Two physicians become dangerously obsessed with seeking scientific proof that ghosts exist after experiencing a haunting at their hospital. If you're looking for a chilling story, watch this Thai thriller about two physicians who encounter a haunting at their hospital.


7. Pee Mak Phrakanong (2013)

Mak returns home from the war, ready to reconnect with his wife Nak and their newborn child. His four best friends discover that Nak and the baby are spirits as the narrative progresses. Pee Mak is a fantastic blend of comedy, romance, and horror. Pee Mak Phrakanong is a film that is surprisingly good and worth watching despite its combination of genres.


6. Happy Old Year

Happy Old Year is a love tale for people who wish to go on but are having difficulty doing so. The story revolves around a lady who wants to rearrange her home and turn it into a home office. She'll get rid of everything that's been sitting around unused. When she stumbles finds certain artefacts that belonged to her ex-boyfriend, she is confronted with a significant dilemma.

Possibly one of the excellent Thai films of the year 2019 and a truly remarkable achievement for the Thai film Industry. It is a slow-burner melodrama that will undoubtedly barge into the hidden area of your emotions. The character is based on a real-life incident. This film has amazing performances and a nice ending. The audience will enjoy it.


5. Phobia 2, 2009

Thai horror masters share five horrific stories of karma, ranging from disfiguring curses to rotting souls. Phobia 2 was released a year later of the first part is released. This anthology series is recognized as one of the scariest Thai horror films ever created, takes you through five short stories full of surprising plot twists.


4. Inhuman Kiss

With the Female lead being monstrous, this film depicts the power of love. The film is about a cursed couple who fall in love, and the cast is excellent. An adolescent girl is torn between two childhood friends' emotions while battling a violent demon inside her that appears at night. This isn't your average Thai horror story. This is a very impressive movie with a superb cast of performers, a compelling narrative, impressive spectacular effects, and a surprising finale.


3. Bad Genius

Lynn has a brilliant mind, but she is short on cash. That's when her well-heeled pals offer her a lucrative job: assisting them in cheating on their examinations. The narrative is kept intriguing by the fact that the film takes affairs to a whole new level. The film is also packed with suspense and drama, keeping you on the edge of your seat the entire time. “Bad Genius” cleverly transforms a basic narrative of student cheating into a high-octane watch that will make you gasp for air. It's also praised for delicately addressing more critical issues like social class and Thai education.


2. Girl From Nowhere

Nanno, a strange and astute girl, transfers to many schools, exposing the students and faculty's falsehoods and crimes at every step. Girl from Nowhere is a gripping Thai thriller that you won't want to miss. Netflix has already released season two for us to watch.


1. Bangkok Traffic Love Story (2009)

Mei Li, a 30-year-old single woman who is anxious to discover real love, believes she has finally met the right man. Will things, however, be that simple for her? Bangkok Traffic (Love) Story depicts the mundane lives of Bangkok people in their thirties who yearn to meet The One. Unlike many of Thailand's iconic school crush films, Bangkok Traffic Love Story depicts what it's like to be in a relationship as an adult.