Article: Top Ten Recent Thai Horror Films

This list is for those avid horror movie lovers. If you are a massive fan of horror movies, those Hollywood horror story movie lists are probably old news for you. If that is truly the case, I present to you ten spine-chilling Thai horror movies. Asia, especially Thailand, is known for its horror movies and it's like coffee, you won't be able to live without it once you get to know about its existence.

1. Ghost Lab

This film shows a scientific take on the paranormal world of Ghosts. The movie is about two doctors who see some paranormal activities in their hospital, and then they get obsessed with finding scientific, empirical proof of the existence of ghosts. This movie became a favorite of horror movie lovers as soon as it came out in 2021.


2. The Whole Truth

This movie is a mystery thriller with a strong dose of Supernatural, which is sure to appeal to the horror movie lover side of you. In this movie, a sinister truth about their family is revealed to two siblings through horrifying incidents after they accidentally stumble upon a strange hole in their grandparent’s home. This is a 2021 movie.


3. The Medium

This is a supernatural horror film. In this film, a Shaman and his nephew who act as a medium find themselves in deep trouble one day. In a region of Thailand, by the name of Isan, this Shaman realizes that his nephew was possessed by a Goddess, who is not a benevolent one. This movie had been released in 2021.


4. The Maid

This movie was released in 2020. It is about a teenage maid by the name of Joy. She takes a job as a maid in a wealthy mansion against the wishes of her friends and family. But soon, strange things start happening to her, and she realizes that someone is with her and soon, she begins to unravel the mystery and learns sinister secrets about her masters.


5. Pee Nak 2

This is also a 2020 film. Two monks, First and Balloon, secretly leave monkhood and the temple to live secular lives, breaking the pledges that they had taken. However, they soon return as they are being chased by a ghost.


6. Necromancer 2020

The name is a bit misleading, but this movie was released in 2019. The story is of a lone survivor of a Black magic Attack, Win. In that attack, Win also lost his father’s sacred amulet. So he comes back more robust, with more powerful sorcery to stop a black magic cult that has put up a benevolent front and pretends to help people get wealthy.


7. Inhuman Kiss

The movie tells the story of an innocent girl who has a demon living inside her. She inherits a curse, and with it, a monster, Krasue. At night, her head gets detached from her body, and she looks around her village, seeking vengeance. This movie was released in 2019.


8. Pee Nak

This movie released in 2019 is the prequel to Pee Nak 2. In this movie, three men, Nong, First and Balloon come to a temple to be ordained as monks. However, they are not aware of the temple that they have chosen to begin their journey as monks were cursed by the wrath of a giant snake named Pee Nak.


9. Curses

This movie, released in 2019, has the theme of Fatal curses and deadly acts of vengeance. It is a three-chapter movie where three very different stories are being shown. The three stories have been based on plots that develop at a good pace. It's excellent Psychological horror, especially the last chapter.


10. Ghost Wife

This movie was released in 2018. It is the story of a teenage girl. After being separated, she died while she was pregnant. Her vengeful ghost returns to haunt the old home in which she once lived.