Article: Top 10 Sad High School Anime

In this article, we will take a look at some saddest high school anime. From heartbreak to loss of friendship these anime will take you on an emotional journey.

1. Assassination Classroom

The anime is set in Kunugigaoka Middle School where the students of class 3-E were given a mission to assist their home teacher Koro-sensei. Koro-Sensei is a great teacher who helps students excel academically and in assassination skills.

2. School Days

High school student Makoto Itou falls for Kotonoha Katsura but can't approach her, so he secretly takes her photo. Classmate Sekai Saionji offers to help him get closer to Kotonoha, and the story follows their high school experiences, filled with romance and drama, leading to a memorable conclusion.

3. True Tears

A high school student named Shinichiro lives with Hiromi, a girl taken in by his family after her father's death. Hiromi is a popular girl at school but at Hoke, she is a sad person. Shinichiro tries to make her happy with his art.

4. Another

It is the story of Kouichi Sakakibara, a new student, who befriends Mei Misaki in class 3-3, even though no one else acknowledges her. They discover a mysterious curse linked to their class and must unravel its dark secrets, but it comes with a price.

5. Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

It is the story of a group of childhood friends who drifted apart after their playmate's death who was close to everyone. Jinta Yadomi starts seeing the dead playmate's ghost who talks only to him. And the ghost was back to ask him about his childhood wish which was never fulfilled.

6. Kokoro Connect

A group of students at Yamaboshi Academy formed a student cultural society as they were not able to find a club that suited them. One day two of them from the group, Aoki and Yui, start swapping their bodies. This keeps happening to all five friends, which forces them to get closer and discover each other's secrets and pains.

7. Clannad

It is the story of a high school student, Tomoya Okazaki, with a troubled past. After the death of his mother in a car accident, his father started drinking and gambling which caused fights between them. He meets Nagisa Furukawa one day, a lonely girl who is repeating a grade due to illness. Due to this new friendship, Tomoya's life started changing.

8. Shinsekai Yori

The story is set in the future where Japan is divided into small towns. The rulers here have some cursed power known as Telekinesis. A group of five children learns that the world is hiding some dark past. Together they embark journey to save the world which is descending into chaos.

9. Ano Natsu De Matteru 

Kaito witnessed a mysterious accident on a bridge one summer night after observing an odd light, but he can't recall it. Later, he and his friends decide to make a movie for the summer. They invite two new students, Ichika and Remon, to join them. As they spend the summer together, they come to the realization that creating the movie is about more than just the actual film; it's also about their emotions and their unique connections.

10. Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

Mirai, a middle schooler, gets upset with her family and wishes for things to change. Surprisingly, a really big earthquake, with a magnitude of 8.0, happens right after her wish. During summer vacation, Mirai takes her little brother Yuuki to a robot show in Odaiba. But while they're there, a huge earthquake shakes up the Kanto region and causes a lot of problems. Luckily, they meet Mari, a single mom who rides a motorcycle, and she decides to help them. Together, they go on a tough journey to find their families after the big earthquake.