Article: Top 10 Thai High School Dramas

Thai high school dramas are a delightful genre of television shows that take us into the exciting and emotional world of teenagers navigating their way through the challenges and joys of high school life. Thai high school dramas offer relatable stories that resonate with audiences of all ages, exploring themes of love, friendship, identity, self-discovery, and the universal experiences of youth. With a mix of humor, heartwarming moments, and a touch of realism, these dramas capture the essence of the high school journey and the transformative years that shape individuals into the adults they'll become. Whether navigating relationships, dealing with academic pressures, or facing personal challenges, Thai high school dramas provide a window into the emotional rollercoaster of adolescence.

1. SOTUS: The Series

"SOTUS" centers around Kongpob, an intelligent freshman, and Arthit, a senior known for his strictness. In the engineering university they attend, seniors traditionally haze juniors, and Arthit is no different. He becomes Kongpob's "SOTUS," subjecting him to challenges and tests. Despite initial clashes, Kongpob's determination and Arthit's evolving attitude lead to mutual respect and friendship. As they spend time together, their bond deepens, and feelings grow between them. The series touches on personal growth, overcoming prejudices, and the power of understanding.

2. Love By Chance

"Love by Chance" follows two university freshmen, Pete and Ae. Pete is a handsome and popular student, while Ae is friendly and easygoing. Their paths cross unexpectedly, bringing them together as friends. As they spend time together, their friendship transforms into something more profound. The drama explores their journey of discovering their emotions, dealing with societal norms, and understanding their identities. With a mix of humor and heart, the series depicts the struggles and joys of young love.

3. U-Prince Series

P'Sibtit is a lovable cowboy from the Faculty of Agriculture who is a "bad boy". She is his, and he is Prikkang's first love. However, she has evolved into a sensible young woman who despises conceited and egocentric individuals (such as P'Sibtit, who regards women like objects to be wooed and then abandoned). They get off to a bad start when they reunite. Taking her frigid exterior as a challenge, he tries to win her over. Can one, however, break old habits? Does this playboy even possess the depth of feeling necessary for true love?

4. Love Sick: The Series

"Love Sick" follows the story of Phun and Noh, high school students who find themselves entangled in a complicated web of emotions. Phun agrees to pretend to date his friend Aim to help her keep a secret, but things get tricky when Noh enters the picture. Noh struggles to understand his feelings and becomes a target of Phun's teasing. As their lives become more intertwined, they navigate the challenges of friendship, jealousy, and the complexities of discovering their true selves.

5. Love Sick

Punn's father wants him to date his friend's daughter, even though Punn already has a girlfriend. Pang, Punn's younger sister, is completely enamored with boys. Punn's father loves his little sister Pang but doesn't give Punn any attention. Noh will be in serious trouble if his school club doesn't receive a larger funding. Punn chooses to invite Noh to be his fictitious lover in exchange for helping Noh raise money for his music club since he knows he can help Noh with his problem. But after the agreement pulls the two 17-year-old high school boys closer together, they eventually fall in love.

6. The Gifted

The students at Ritdha High School are at the center of this drama's plot. This school offers a class called the "Gifted" program, to which only students with exceptional potential are invited. Pang, a student from the lowest-ranking class, defies all expectations and manages to pass the exam to be accepted into the gifted program. Together with their students, they all start doubt about the program's activities as soon as they enroll. They quickly learn that the program's purpose was to reawaken abilities that had been latent in their bodies. But there's a cost associated with these abilities.

7. Lhong Fai

A girl named Karnkaew is a student in the Bangkok province. When she starts earning money as a courtesan, she can advance to a higher class. Chala, a modest girl who works as a waiter to pay her credit cost, is her best friend. Gunchorn, a teacher at that school, goes out with Karnkaew. She decides to break up with both of them since she wants to live a rich lifestyle and neither Gunchorn nor Arwut can provide it for her. In the meantime, she flirts with Arwut, her supervisor at the company. She must so look for a new partner who can provide her with an opulent lifestyle.

8. My Dear Loser Series

Oh is a nerd and the biggest loser at the school. He despises the school because his peers, who call him "Mushroom," frequently harass and make fun of him. The main bullies that Oh faces are Copper, In, and their group of bullies. Even though he despises the school, Peach—the most attractive and kind girl there—is the one who inspires him to go every day. Peach, regrettably, is seeing Copper. Sun, meanwhile, is a new student at the institution. Unfortunate events lead to him becoming acquainted with Oh. Due to Sun's friendship with the loser of the school, Copper and In tease him. But there's something distinct about Sun that I feel.

9. Hormones: The Series

Dramas about coming of age are a genre that will never go out of style. These realistic dramas appeal to individuals of all ages, whether they are young teens practically living the drama or adults who become nostalgic watching the plot develop. This type of drama is exactly what hormones are. It focuses on the lives of several Thai youngsters who are presently enrolled in school. Due to their diverse upbringings, each character has a unique viewpoint on almost every aspect of life. The charming and realistic way each character is portrayed in this drama is incentive enough to see it through.

10. Friend Zone

"Friend Zone" centers on Palm, a gifted high school student who secretly loves his friend Gink. As they grow older, their relationship evolves, leading to complex feelings and unexpected challenges. The series explores the delicate balance between friendship and romantic attraction, highlighting the impact of unspoken emotions and the journey toward self-discovery.