Article: Top 10 Korean Dramas Of Kim Young Dae 

Few performers in the quick-paced Korean entertainment industry have won over audiences' hearts as quickly as Kim Young Dae. Kim Young Dae has become a rising star in the South Korean entertainment industry thanks to his striking good looks, unquestionable talent, and an ever-expanding range of noteworthy roles. This article will examine the top 10 dramas featuring his remarkable acting abilities and give you a complete overview of his career.

1. The Penthouse: War In Life

Hera Palace's wealthy occupants are all vicious when defending their relatives. Businessman Dan-tae (Uhm Ki Joon), Su-ryeon (Lee Ji Ah), and their kids Seok-kyung (Han Ji Hyun) and Seok-hoon (Young Dae) make up the Joo family, who are renowned for concealing their true identities behind their gaudy displays of wealth. The homeowners at Hera Palace start to distrust one another after an unannounced death occurs on the property.

2. It's Okay to Be Sensitive

In this, Kim Young Dae plays the role of Do Hwan. Five first-year students are the lead, along with the difficulties they encounter on and off campus. Gender concerns are made more visible by the online series. The plot of the second season centers on three new interns in the marketing division of the Sengse Group and the difficulties they encounter due to gender discrimination at work and elsewhere.

3. To My Beautiful Woo Ri

A web drama that chronicles the start of Bae Woo Ri and Park Jun Seok's romance. Unexpectedly, former classmates reconnect as adults. Park Jun Seok, however, is no longer the 'loser' he was formerly thought to be and is no longer dependent on Bae Woo Ri to protect him from bullies at school. His old feelings for Bae Woo Ri reemerge, and now that he's an adult and self-assured, he uses a new method to communicate them.

4. Extraordinary You

Kim Young Dae portrays Oh Nam Joo in this. Eun Dan Oh, a wealthy family's 17-year-old high school student, has a persistent heart condition that will most likely take her life before reaching adulthood. Dan Oh, however, comes to the unsettling revelation that she is a character in a Korean webtoon and that all of her actions have been predetermined by the artist who draws her. This realization occurs when she notices she is also having trouble remembering things for long periods. Even worse, she learns that the cast only includes her as a supporting figure. She is determined to find true love in her own story thanks to her improved grasp of the setting in which she lives.

5. Cheat On Me, If You Can

Author Kang Yeo-Joo (Cho Yeo-Jeong) has sold millions of books. She exclusively writes crime fiction, focusing on gruesome homicide situations. She is always thinking of ways to kill people for her books. Han Woo-Sung (Ko Jun) is the spouse of Kang Yeo-Joo. He practices law with a focus on divorce. In a memo to his spouse, he said, "If I cheat, I die."

6. Shooting Stars

Fangirls all throughout the world adore young actor Gong Tae-sung, often known as Young Dae. He's presently signed with Star Force Entertainment, a talent agency where everything PR-related is handled by the energetic and hardworking Oh Han-byul (Lee Sung Kyung). The two have a love-hate relationship, but even though they don't always agree, Han-byul is the only one who can truly lift Tae-sung out of his dark moments.

7. The Forbidden Marriage

The Joseon king is Lee Heon (Kim Young-Dae). His cherished wife passed away seven years ago while he was a crown prince. He still can't seem to move on from her passing. The royal family and government officials have been unsuccessful in their attempts to remarry King Lee Heon for the last seven years. In addition, a geumhonryung edict prohibiting unmarried ladies from being married while the monarch is single has been put into effect by the country. The marital prohibition has infuriated many. King Lee Heon learns of Ye So-Rang's (Park Ju-Hyun) assertion that the late king's wife's soul is housed in the royal palace one day.

8. Moon In The Day

The reincarnation of Han Ri Ta is Kang Young Hwa. Han Ri Ta is the lone surviving member of a noble family from Daegaya (a city-state in the Silla Dynasty), and Kang Young Hwa is a former firefighter who now works as a bodyguard. After saving prominent celebrity Han Jun Oh from a vehicle crash on the day they were making a public service announcement together, Kang Young Hwa's life was drastically transformed. Do Ha is a distinguished lord from the Silla Dynasty, and Han Jun Oh is a well-known top star in Korea. Han Jun Oh's body is taken over by Do Ha's spirit after a vehicle accident, and Do Ha has a different personality than Jun Oh.

9. Because I Want No Loss

It is an upcoming drama by Kim Young Dae. Tells the story of a fictitious marriage in which the male lead poses as the fake groom to a woman to spare her any loss or harm. Kim Ji Wook, a neighborhood patroller who works the night shift at the convenience store and is also a citizen, is unable to turn away anyone who requests assistance. One day, Son Hae Young, the bothersome convenience store regular, crosses paths with the angel, who encounters the devil. She makes him a questionable offer.

10. True Beauty

In this drama, Kim Young Dae had a small cameo. The romantic comedy "True Beauty" is about Lim Ju Gyeong, a high school student who becomes famous for being an attractive lady after learning how to apply makeup on YouTube. Because of her talent with cosmetics, she can transform into a goddess, but she would sooner die than show anyone her true face. It details her romance with Lee Su Ho, the lone man who saw her without makeup. Lee Su Ho is a charming and handsome boy who, despite his gloomy past, seems frigid but is incredibly compassionate.