Article: 10 Japanese Films In Which Women Had The Limelight

In this male-dominated world, women-centric films have overcome the barriers to set examples. This list includes our choices of the 10 Japanese greatest female-driven films with incredibly strong women who take charge. All the movies in this list are one of their own kind, I believe if you really wish to watch female-centric Japanese films, don't miss the following mentioned films.

1. Kamikaze Girls (2004)

It’s an interesting tale of young womanhood that doesn't follow traditional "good girl"/ "goody two shoes" idea of what a young girl should think, act or do. Kyoko Fukada and Anna Tsuchiya are two young Japanese women who are sure to grab your attention in Kamikaze Girls. If you like Japanese subculture, you'll love this film. If you like good films, you'll like this one. If you like to laugh, you'll love it. If you have a heartbeat, you'll love it.

rating: 7.2/10

japanese film kamikaze girls


2. Linda Linda Linda (2005)

Another good one is Linda Linda Linda. This one is about a group of high school girls who form a band to perform songs by Japanese punk band the Blue Hearts for their school festival. A brilliant film with captivating and a very natural plot. It deals with rural Japanese school life. This film is one worth watching.

ratings: 7.5/10

japanese film linda linda linda


3. Memories Of Matsuko (2006)

The film is a typical tragic story with some really hilarious comedy scenes. The film is about a young girl Matsuko, who is constantly competing for the attention of her father, with her cherished but chronically-ill sister. This is a painful yet funny, beautifully directed masterpiece. A wonderful and touching film.

rating: 7.8/10

japanese film memories of matsuko


4. Tampopo (1985)

Absolutely delightful film. Touching, beautiful & memorable performances. This movie truly captured something wonderful about the world. It makes you laugh, makes you feel joy & happiness. Like great ramen, this movie is mouth-watering.

rating: 8/10

japanese film tampopo


5. Our Little Sister (2015)

An enchanting story of 4 lovely sisters and their individual and collective lives.  Beautifully filmed.   A lovely insight and celebration of Japanese culture and food.  I loved this gentle, graceful film. This is really worth watching. Story is simple yet touched.

rating: 7.5/10

6. Revenge Girl (2017)

I liked how the story proceeds. Different take to it and the drastic change in her character. Big part of this movie is girl power and they execute it very well. It's definitely worth your time. The cast is amazing and acting is good too.

RATING: 5.3/10


7. Nobody Knows (2004)

A very powerful movie, that really draws you in and makes you feel for the characters. I was furious with the mother, for being so selfish and thoughtless. It is one of the best movies I've seen and it brought me to tears, like a can't stop tearing up. It is a great move and definitely worth your time.

RATING: 8.1/10


8. Confessions (2010)

A helpless but brave mother becomes vengeful to the people who are responsible for her daughter’s death. This is a film that take you by surprise and grips you never letting go till the final moments and this is it. A true masterpiece. The way the story is conveyed as confessions of the characters is unique. The plot twists are amazing.



9. Let's Go Jets (2017)

This movie is about giving you great joy, that you will love it for sure. It depicts the harsh reality of life as well that’s really touching. This is definitely not like a another "fairytale-ending" movie. This movie is really wonderful, you will love the dance, music, dress. Everything is simply perfect. This is something that will inspire you a lot.

Rating: 6.5/10


10. Moratorium Tamako(2013)

Tamako is a wonderful girl her, life is very smooth until she finds out about her father’s affair. She has two choices now, to sabotage her father's romance, or to find a new place in the world for herself. Although the film seems slow and boring, there are some really heart touching moments.

Rating: 6.5/10

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