Article: 10 Underrated Japanese Movies With Best Actresses

Since Japan has one of the most active film industries in the world, there are many Japanese movies that aren't well-known. The fact that just a small number of individuals have seen them, however, in no way lessens their value.

Here is a list of some top underrated Japanese movies from the twenty-first century.

1. The Tale Of Princess Kaguya

Old Japanese mythology served as the inspiration for The Tale of The Princess Kaguya. A compassionate couple decides to adopt a newborn wood nymph they find in a bamboo stalk. Can she ever entirely escape her unearthly origins? She goes through childhood and teenage years while coming to grips with her position in the world.


2. Vengeance Can Wait, 2010

The theatrical play by Yukiko Motoya, whose work is primarily unconventional, served as the inspiration for this particular film. Azusa, who is expecting and her slothful husband Banjo, who perpetually claims to attend the interview process but ends up arguing with the employer, relocates back to where they were both born. Azusa is obliged to work in a neighborhood bar as a result, despite being well along in her pregnancy. She seems unconcerned about those mentioned above, though, because she is entirely in love with him.


3. Summer Time Machine Blues

Takuma, Masaru, Shunsuke, Atsushi, and Daigo are a group of five students who are the only ones allowed to join the science fiction club at their school. But they never give their full attention to the club's actual objective. On the day the story takes place, they are playing baseball, and Yui, a club photographer, is shooting pictures of them. Unfortunately for both clubs that share the same space on this hottest day of the summer, Daigo spills his drink on the air conditioner’s remote control, which causes it to break down. The movie stars Juri Ueno.


4. I Am An S+m Writer, 2000

Sadomasochistic story author Kurosaki has had some success. But because he lacks true understanding in his field, he makes his editor, Kawada, act out specific sequences with ladies he employs to get ideas. All three participants appear to enjoy the "performance," but Kurosaki's wife, Shizuko whom he has been mistreating for years, does not.


5. The Dark Harbour, 2009

38-year-old angler Manzo Ishiguro works alone aboard a boat that belonged to his father. He works hard, resides in a small fishing village, and spends all his free time at the neighborhood bar looking for women. But his attempts are useless, and he is sick of being alone. The village administration throws a party to help local bachelors meet ladies, and they urge guests to record a self-introduction video that will be shown at the party. But everyone at the showing of Manzo's film saw a woman and a child cowering in his home's closet. The movie stars Yuko Miyamoto.


6. Snakes And Earrings, 2008

An example of a trendy girl is Lui. She only wears designer clothing, always puts on makeup, and has a perfect manicure. She is different from other ladies with similar looks in attitude, mostly because she has an odd preference for guys. One night, when she goes out alone to a club, she meets Ama, a typical punk boy. He has tattoos all over his body, red colored hair, and several facial piercings.

This movie is based on Hitomi Kanehara's eponymous,  Akutagawa  Award-winning novel.


7. Redline 2009

High-speed racing on far-off planets is popular in the far future, which is the setting of Redline. Stunning boy daredevil Sweet JP will to compete in a race that only happens once every five years. Still, things are complicated by a lovely girl, fascist aliens, and rivals who want to disable him permanently.

8. A Taxing Woman

A female tax inspector who was committed to holding tax evaders accountable is the subject of a fun screwball comedy from Tampopo filmmaker Juzo Itami. Ryoko Itakura has a big fish in her eyes and will stop at nothing to bring him down. Refusing to give up in the face of Yakuza thugs and the pressures of family life, she has a large fish in her sights. Itami is in full display of his wicked mischief and razor-sharp humor.


9. Summer Wars 2009

Summer Wars is well-known among anime fans, yet it is as cross-generational as anything Pixar has produced. Thus, it ought to be adored by viewers everywhere. A malicious hacker subverts a universal online social network used by everyone from hospitals to video gamers. It has Nanami Sakuraba as Natsuki.


10. 2LDK (2003)

Intense domestic drama and jet-black humor combine in this story about two teenage actors who share an apartment and learn they compete for the same coveted role. Sharp tongues are soon replaced with even stronger items, causing the tension between the two to reach a boiling point.