Article: Ten Japanese Vigilante Films

Vigilante is a genre in which the protagonist takes the law into their own hands for justice. In Japanese cinema, vigilante films have carved a unique and captivating niche that delves into the complexities of justice and vengeance. In this article, we will take a look at ten vigilante films.

1. Female Prisoner 701: Scorpion

Nami Matsushima is a woman used as a spy by her boyfriend, Detective Sugimi. But she is betrayed by him. So, she ends up in a women's prison. She is prisoner number 701, after attempting to attack Sugimi for using her to gain favour with the Yakuza. In prison, she meets other inmates like Yuki Kida, Otsuka, and Katagiri.

2. Harakiri

The story is about a ronin, a samurai without a master, who asks a powerful and cruel warlord for permission to perform an honorable ritual suicide at his home. He was previously deceived by another Ronon Selling charity. However, the ronin is allowed to share the story of how he ended up in this desperate situation.

3. Mutant Girls Squad

Rin is a timid schoolgirl who often gets bullied. On her sixteenth birthday, she witnesses her parents killed by anti-mutant humans. As a result of which her mutant abilities awaken. She meets other mutants known as Hiruko and joins forces with Rei and Yoshie. Together, these three girls fight Kasagari and other loyal mutant followers, and they seek to turn Japan into a human-free zone.

4. Burst City

The plot follows two separate stories. First, residents rebelled against a nuclear power plant being built in their part of Tokyo. In the second part, a mute and his hardcore friend seek revenge for the murder of the mute's brother, becoming vigilantes.

5. The Third Murder

In this movie, lawyer Tomoaki Shigemori defends a client named Misumi, who could face the death penalty for murder. Misumi has a past conviction for murder and has confessed to the current crime. However, as the trial unfolds, new evidence makes Shigemori question the truth behind the case.

6. Sun Scarred

The movie follows the story of Katayama. Once, he was on the way home when a group of bullies attacked an innocent man. He helps and wins the fight. But this leads to terrible consequences as the gang leader kidnaps Katayama's daughter and kills her. With grief and anger, he seeks revenge on the gang.

7. The Street Fighter

It is the story of a marital artist, Takuma Tsurugi, who disguised himself as a monk. He saves a murderer from execution. Later, he asked to kidnap a girl. However, he refused to do so. Instead, he protects the girl and becomes friends. However, the girl gets kidnapped, and Tsurugi rescues her, but he gets captured. His friends help him, but he dies while doing so. Now the girl and Tsurugi survive, but others perish.

8. The Machine Girl

Ami Hyuga is a high school girl whose brother and friends were killed by bullies. She seeks revenge on bullies. After investigating she finds out that bullies are connected to a ninja Yakuza family. They hurt her badly, but she gets a machine gun arm from her friend's parents and goes on a killing spree. She beheads the main bully and his mom.

9. Harlock: Space Pirate

In the future humans wants to return to Earth, which is now controlled by the corrupt Gaia Coalition. Captain Harlock and his crew fight to reveal the Coalition's secrets. The Coalitions send Logan to assassinate Harlock. But Logan faces tough choices and learns that appearances can be deceiving. Now Harlock and his crew strive to bring back humanity to the Earth.

10. Death Note

A brilliant student, Yagami Light, one day finds a mysterious book known as Death note. The book has the power to kill anybody whose name is written on it. So, he started a criminal with the help of Death note. He aimed to make the world free from crime.