Article: Top 10 K-Pop Songs To Help You To Go Through A Hard Day

Stress is packed in our lives. Whether it is career-related stress or relationship-related, sometimes it becomes difficult to catch your breath simply. As a result, we are burnt out and fall into the black holes of sorrow. It is in these times of sadness that music lends its helping hand to you. Sometimes, it can become a shoulder to lean and cry on. So here is a list of top ten songs that can help you to go through a hard day.

1. To My Youth

When BOL4 sang, “At some point, I used to wish I disappear from the world,” you, I, and everyone felt that. This song is about reminiscing the pains of adolescence and youth. Those were dark and tumultuous times for the singer, but now that she is slowly recovering, she can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

2. Stay

There have been days when you have wanted someone to hug you, hold your hands, or just simply stay by your side. This song by Blackpink beautifully portrays a person’s vulnerability in their moment of loneliness. It is a song that will rhythmically stay with you, unlike people in real life.

3. Fine

This song should be your go-to song if you want to heal from a breakup. Taeyeon communicates the anguish of a broken relationship and the struggle to accept the end of love through this song. As it expresses the urge to go forward and discover one's strength after an unpleasant breakup, the song touches on themes of self-discovery and empowerment.

4. Grow Up

This song is like a warm hug - it consoles one who has suffered hardships throughout their journey. Stray Kids encourages listeners to pause and reflect on their transition from youth to maturity. It focuses on how important it is to overcome obstacles, learn from mistakes, and value the experiences that help define who you are.

5. Zombie

There have been days where you just didn’t want to wake up. Days when you didn’t want to see another dawn. Through their lyrics, Day6 reflects the frustration of leading an unauthentic, passionless life. It expresses the shared experience of being lost and detached in our fast-paced lives.

6. Breathe

Now we are already done with half of the article, I want the readers to do a simple exercise. Breathe in. Hold it. Exhale. Accompany this with Lee Hi’s song, as it serves as a reminder that it's alright to feel overwhelmed at times, but it also emphasizes resilience and the significance of finding one's inner power to keep going forward.

7. Eyes, Nose, Lips

Taeyang has done a fantastic job with his storytelling in music. Through the use of the symbols for eyes, noses, and lips—three of a person's most personal and expressive features—the song expresses the intense feelings of sadness and loss. The song's lyrics show the deep agony and longing of a former relationship.

8. Through The Night

This song is the definition of an ideal lullaby for individuals who are missing someone special as IU's delicate and soothing voice, which, when mixed with the quiet tune, produces a sense of melancholy warmth. The song's message is a reassurance that love remains, even when the rest of the world is asleep. It also speaks to the enduring strength of love's memory throughout the night.

9. Downpour

I.O.I was, is, and will still be missed. Thankfully, we still have their gems, and one is Downpour. The downpour is a metaphor for the tears shed at their farewell, signifying the emotional turmoil of closing a beloved chapter in one's life. The core of the group's honest thanks and the emotional journey of growth and separation are captured in this song's passionate melodies and strong vocals, which reverberate with listeners.

10. Lonely 

A song cannot be a miss if it combines the soulful vocals of Jonghyun and Taeyeon. The lyrics portray the hardships of people emotionally cut off from their surroundings. It strikes a chord with many listeners because it perfectly captures the spirit of the human condition and gives a sympathetic account of the complicated feelings that accompany loneliness.