Article: 10 Things You May Not Know About Lee Min-Ho

Lee min ho is a South Korean singer, model, actor, creative director, and businessman. He was born in Heukseok-Dong, Dongjak-Gu, Seoul. In his childhood, Lee dreamt of becoming a professional football player. He made his debut in an EBS series, Secret Campus (2003). He got worldwide fame for his role as Gu Jun- Pyo in Boys Over Flowers (2009), and he also fetched The Best New Actor Award for this role. Lee is the first Korean celebrity to have his wax figure at Madame Tussauds, Shanghai. But here are some things we don’t know about Lee Min Ho, and these are:

 1. He Served In Mandatory Military Service As A Public Worker

Although, it is compulsory for every young man in South Korea to join military service. Lee met with two car accidents and survived them. He got some serious leg injuries. Despite that, he entered military service and went through basic military training during his public service duty.


2. He Dreamt To Become A Soccer Player   

Lee never dreamt of becoming an actor; initially, he wanted to be a soccer player. His mother wanted him to be physically strong and enrolled him with famous Korean national player Cha Bum Kum. In his four years of training, he showcased his talent of sport, and further, he wanted to enrol in high school where he could get specialization in soccer, but he couldn’t make it as he broke his arm in a match.

3. He Is A Good Gamer

He is not only good at acting but also an excellent gamer. He enjoys gaming so much, and he accepted that if he were not an actor, he would work for a gaming company and become a pro gamer. He is an expert in playing the multiplayer online battle arena game League of Legends. He used to play this game with Hee Chul.


4. In His Initial Acting Career, He Is Known By A Stage Name

He started his acting career with the stage name Lee Min and used this name for only two years. In the Korean language, “Lee Min” also stands for immigration. Because of his stage name, it was difficult for his fans to know about him through the internet. So, to make things easier for his fans he got back to his original name.

5. He Got Acting Offers From Hollywood

The Korean heartthrob is not only famous in Korea but also, made his name famous worldwide. He has been approached in Hollywood as well for showcasing his treasure of talent. His fans were dying to see him featured in Hollywood films, but he said that he is very thankful to all for showing so much love, but he will only take this step once he feels he is ready.

6. Met With Two Deadly Car Accidents

Lee min in 2006, was confronted with a deadly car accident when he was at the age of 19. At that time, he was with his actor friend Jung II Woo, and two other actors and they all were on a car trip. Because of this accident, he was in a coma for a month,  and he had to be in the hospital for a year. In 2011, he met with another car accident, but this accident didn’t bring any severe injury.

7. He Shared The Screen With Sandra Park And Shown Love Chemistry

Lee min and Sandra Park both featured in a music video, “Kiss” (2011). He played the role of Sandra Park’s love interest, and they both had good chemistry with each other. The song “Kiss” was Sandra's solo music video, and it got massive attention for their kissing scene in the video, which became a hot topic of that year.

8. He Became 1st Korean Celeb To Appear On China's CCTV Luna New Year Gala

He justifies every time with his roles and tries to leave a substantial impact on everyone. Because of his immense popularity, he was invited to perform on Chinese network CCTV's Lunar New Year Gala, the most-watched show in China during Lunar New Year. He performed in Korean and Mandarin, broadcasted for the first time in the Korean language on the show.

9. He Is Also A Vocalist

After impressing his fans with his acting skills, he is also killing us with his mesmerizing voice. He already had two studio albums. He debuted with the album “My Everything”, which was released in 2013. After a year, he was back with his song “For You”. He also has some other singles like, The Day and Thank you. Whenever his fans see him, they always gush love over him.

10. He Has Dog Named Choco

Lee Min has a cute little dog whose name is Choco. Lee always shows his love to his dog and shares photos with Choco on social media every now and then. Choco is adopted by Lee and they both accompany each other in a photoshoot.