Article: Top Ten Painful Incidents Of Japanese Celebrities

It is often misunderstood that celebrities are always happy and lead a very good life. This misunderstanding arises from all the glamour they put out in front of the world and cameras. But many often tend to forget that celebrities also are human just like normal people, and they too may suffer from various ups and downs. Just like normal human beings even celebrities are not immune to life's struggle. While most of the painful incidents of celebrities do not get revealed in the public, however sometimes the incidents see the light of the world and hence we get to know about the painful incidents of many celebrities. These Japanese celebrities have suffered from painful incidents and some are still struggling through it.

1. Anne Watanabe

Divorce is already a painful experience, on top of that if the divorce is public, the process becomes a little more difficult to handle due to the constant surveillance of the media and public. The Japanese actress and model Anne Watanabe had to deal with a very painful incident, she got cheated on by her husband Masahiro Higashide who is also an actor. Masahiro cheated on Anne Watanabe with actress Erika Karata. The couple got divorced in 2020, and have decided on co-parenting. The ex-couple had 3 children together, and Higashide started cheating on Anne in 2017 while she was pregnant with their third child.


2. Haruma Miura

The death of Haruma Miura surely brought a grieving scenario in the Japanese Entertainment Industry and especially among the fans and family of the late Japanese actor. Haruma Miura's death has been one of the most painful incidents in the Japanese Entertainment Industry. The actor-singer died of suicide in 2020. It is speculated that the young man was suffering from depression.


3. Sana

Sana Minatozaki popularly known as Sana got criticized for her comments on the new reign of the Japanese emperor. Sana's Instagram post from twice's profile created a political controversy when she decided to share positivity and hope for the new emperor's reign of Japan, which drew criticism from the Koreans. As Korea and Japan do not have a very good past, the Korean fans severely criticized her which in turn affected Sana greatly.


4. Aya Hirano

In recent times, Aya Hirano is one of the most sought-after voice actresses in the Japanese Entertainment Industry. She has done some incredible works such as in, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and Lucky Star, and many more. However, even the popular voice actress was not immune to the various painful struggles of life. The actress has said in a variety show that before her big break she was quite poor and used to have tissues as she couldn't afford good food.


5. Yuko Takeuchi

Yuko Takeuchi was a famous Japanese Actress, having worked in various films and Television series. She died by hanging on 2020 September. The incident is so painful, on top of that, Yuko Takeuchi had just given birth to a son in January with her husband Taiki Nakabayashi, whom she married in 2019. Just thinking about the toddler would get many fans teary. Yuko Takeuchi is a mother of two sons. The first child she had was with Nakamura Shidō ||.


6. Giselle

Giselle is another k-pop star on this list is a member of the newly debuted girl group Aespa. Aeri Unchinaga, popularly known as Giselle is a Japanese-Korean singer, as her father is Japanese and her mother is Korean. Recently she was highly criticized for mouthing a racial slur that surfaced on the internet. She was spotted mouthing the racial slur while singing an American song. After massive criticism, the newly debuted singer went on to apologize for her mistake.


7. Jin Akanishi

The top star of the Japanese Entertainment Industry, he is an actor, singer, and model who had to go through a painful incident. It is said that he was punished by his management agency, Johnny's Entertainment for getting married secretly to another multi-talented Japanese artist, Meisa Kuroki. The entertainment agency canceled his concert tour and even made Akanishi pay the cancellation fees himself, which is quite extreme. This is the reason why many Japanese artists hide their marriage or sometimes dating life too.


8. Minami Minegishi

Minami Minegishi had to go through one of the most painful incidents in the Japanese Entertainment Industry. She was pepped by a media house when she spent a night at the apartment of Alan Shirahama who is also an idol. After this news broke out she got demoted from being a member of her group to a trainee as a punishment by her management agency for breaking rules. She then filmed an apology video with a shaved head. This move was a topic of discussion as idols are not entitled to basic normal life.


9. Mina

Mina Sharon Myoi, popularly known as Mina, is one among the three Japanese members of the nine-member girl group, Twice. Mina had to deal with a painful incident in 2019. She was diagnosed with anxiety and took time off of her schedule. Mina skipped performing during Twice's world tour due to extreme anxiety and insecurity in performing onstage.


10. Sei Ashina

The rise of suicide cases of celebrities in Japan indicates the extreme pressure an artist has to go through to strive in the Japanese Entertainment Industry. Sei Ashina is another Japanese actress who committed suicide in 2020. Although the reason for her suicide is unknown. The actress was 36 years old at the time of death. Sei was one of the most notable actresses in the Japanese Entertainment Industry.