Article: Top 10 Korean Drama Kings And Queens And Their Yoga And Mental Health Habits

Are you curious to see Korean drama kings and queens uncover how they excel at balancing mental health habits and Yoga habits? In the sparkling universe of Korean shows, where feelings run profound, and stories charm millions, the strain on top K-drama Kings and Queens can be massive. While they rejuvenate the most awful and heartfelt stories on our screens, in the background, they should explore the frequently wild waters of media outlets while safeguarding their mental well-being.

Why Are Yoga And Mental Health Essential?

Mental health care is crucial to cope with our hectic lives. Our favorite Korean drama kings and queens can face world-class competition and win hearts across the globe because of their mental health habits and Yoga. Problem-focused coping and Emotion-focused coping are two methods of coping with stress. They use problem-focused methods when they have external resources to improve external setbacks in front of them. Another technique is the emotion-focused method i.e. relieving one's negative feelings.

1. Kim Seo Hyung

The lead star of Sky Castle and Temptation of Wife shares her methods in the show Because I Want to Talk. Her full interview episode is available on Viki.

2. Lee Soo-Hyuk 

Lee Soohyuk of "Tomorrow" and "Doom at Your Service".Fans were to relate to Lee Soo-hyuk when he often said becomes vulnerable because of stress and anxiety at work. He further shares how meditation and healthy habits like following a routine and planning his day the night before have helped him overcome work anxiety and stress.

3. Park Seo Jun 

Park SeoJun of "Itaewon" and "What's Wrong with Mr. Kim?" discussed this mental health. According to him, sharing with others doesn't always help everyone. However, in his case, it does. Therefore, he chooses to talk about his worries to his close friends.

4. Cha EunWoo 

Cha EunWoo of K-drama "True Beauty" and "Gangnam Beauty". He shares his methods of stress management and mental health practices. He says that habits like writing down his thoughts are beneficial for him. Moreover, meditation, talking to loved ones, and sometimes engaging in household chores such as washing dishes are helpful for his mental health.

5. Kim Woo Bin

In his interview, Kim Woo Bin says that he can stay free from stress and worry because of his habit of sharing his cause of concern with his people. He has been through fatal diseases, but he feels, that sharing his feelings with close ones helps him cope with stressful times. According to him, this habit makes it more manageable to find solutions and be active in his work. Because of this habit, his team members can take better care of him.

6. Park Hae Jin

According to Seol Beats Park, hae Jin says that meeting a therapist and having regular mental health checkups is essential for him to Meet the requirements of the image-conscious environment he stays in.

7. Cha Tae Hyun

Cha Tae Hyun says the only method to overcome any mental health issue is to spend time with oneself. He shared an incident from his own life. He once collapsed before the show in 2016. The situation was so critical that his teammates called an ambulance. It was all because his stress levels increased so much that he had a panic attack. According to him, life balance and personal time is the key to mental health.

8. Jun Ji-Hyun

Jun Ji Hyun shares her secret of a balanced mental state and healthy lifestyle in her interview. She says that her clear and flawless skin results from her proper sleep routine and excessive water intake. She works out daily to maintain an appropriate body shape. For her mental health, she practices her pleasure hobbies like talking to her friends, listening to music, etc.

9. Bae Suzy

Bae Suzy went through a period of extreme stress and depression. Her busy schedule did not allow her to give herself personal time. It became unmanageable for her to manage her busy life schedule. She says she was able to overcome it through heartfelt conversation and when she started to overcome herself. She advises everyone to learn to express themselves to be at peace.

10. Lee Min Ho

Our dear Lee Min Ho oppa says that the key to his success is confidence, and this comes from balance. He says to maintain this balance between work and his personal life, he makes sure he sleeps well, eats healthy, and exercises daily. Lee Min Ho believes in mental health boasting practices like journaling, meditation, and talking to loved ones.