Article: Top 10 Korean Dramas And Movies Of Bae Suzy

The South Korean actress, singer, model, and Mc Bae Suzy is famous both internationally and domestically. She started her career with the girl group ‘Miss A’. She then produced many beautiful and melodious songs. She made her acting debut with the 2011 K-drama Dream High.’ She won many awards including the ‘Most Popular Actress’ in 2016 at the Baeksang Arts Award. She has starred in many dramas such as While You Were Sleeping, Start-Up, Vagabond, and Uncontrollably Fond. The dramas increased her popularity. She has recently starred in the series Anna. Here are the top 10 K- dramas and movies of Bae Suzy.

1. Dream High

Bae Suzy played the leading role in the drama Dream High. She played the role of Go Hye Mi. The drama revolves around aspiring and talented musicians. The high school students majoring in music at a high school reserved for only music and songs. The drama showcases the struggles of budding artists.

2. Gu Family Book

Bae Suzy played the role of Dam Yeo Wool in the drama Gu Family Book. The drama revolves around a secret organization where Dam Yeol Wool used to live. Her father was the leader of the organization. She was sent to protect the lord. She excelled in martial arts and fighting skills.

3. Uncontrollably Fond

Bae Suzy played the role of Noh Eul in the tragic drama Uncontrollably Fond. The drama gave Suzy international fame and success across Asia. The drama revolves around the love story of two people who, get separated due to unfortunate incidents. However, the two eventually meet in the far-fetched future but then it was too late.

4. While You Were Sleeping

Bae Suzy played the role of reporter Nam Hon Ju in the drama While You Were Sleeping. The drama revolves around the life of three people whose faith is interconnected with each other. They dream of the things that are about to happen in the future. This leads them to get close to each other and solve the mysterious circumstances.

5. Vagabond

Bae Suzy played the role of a government agent Elsa in the drama Vagabond. The drama revolves around the mysterious plane crash. The main lead Lee Seung Gi lost his only family to the plane crash. He gets suspicious about the mystery surrounding the plane crash and decides to dig up the case.

6. Start-Up

Bae Suzy played the role of Seo Dal-Mi in the drama Start-Up. The drama revolves around the budding tech enthusiast who wanted to start their Start-Ups. Dam-Mi couldn’t graduate college but she was willing to fulfill her dream by doing every possible thing she can. The drama inspires many computer and science students.

7. The Sound Of A Flower

Bae Suzy played the role of Jin Chae Sun in the film The Sound of a Flower. The film revolves around the life of Chae Sun who wants to learn Pansori. Pansori is the art of traditional Korean musical style. She disguises herself as a man to learn pansori. She dedicates whatever she had to Pansori.

8. Ashfall

Bae Suzy played the role of Choi Ji Young in the film Ashfall. The movie depicts the eruptions occurring over Baekdu Mountain. The experts and scientists try to solve the situation in the area. Jo In Chang being the captain of the special force has asked to head the operation. His wife Choi Ji Young struggles to fight the battle alone in Seoul.

9. Live Your Strength

Bae Suzy played the role of Su Ji in the film Live Your Strength. The film depicts the entire process of how Su Ji goes through a terrible break-up and regains her confidence eventually. The film conveys a strong message to every woman out there that they can survive anything and come back stronger.

10. Anna

Suzy made her comeback with the series Anna. She played the role of Yumi. The drama revolves around the miserable life of Yumi. She failed in life due to unfortunate incidents. Later, she changes her identity to Anna and lives a wealthy life. Though she lives a borrowed life whatever she has now, is all because of her hard work and dedication.