Article: Top 10 Train Sequences In Korean Movies

Railway stations are best for romance because the obsessed lovers don't seem to leave each other on the journey. Traveling is more thrilling in action thrillers inside the train because it becomes an adventurous journey. Many of these movies have a tragic plot with monsters and criminals. They struggle bravely to survive in the toughest situations and weird things might happen like zombie attacks. The police also fight with them bravely and this becomes a resistance. The investigations are full of mystery and suspense which makes the railway life serious. The life on railways is unexpected and the stories seem to be never-ending.

1. Train To Busan

This 2016 South Korean action horror film is about a super-fast train from Seoul to Busan. Zombies put the passengers and the country in danger as a young sick woman turns into an attacking zombie. Due to her contact, many people turn into zombie-likes her due to infection.


2. Mood Of The Day

A superstar basketball player travels to Busan on a train and a girl who works in an advertising agency meets him on the same train. They spend 24 hours in the unknown city of Busan as strangers together. This is a romantic comedy in which the guy follows her but she resists him. He tries to impress her and she opens up her walls being attracted to him.


3. Snowpiercer

This is a science fiction action film about a film on a worldwide track that represents the last survivors of humanity after a losing bet at stopping global warming. A chemical is used to fight global warming but the world is drowned in ice and snow. This train has been running for years and the coach passengers hate the train security.


4. Tube

This action thriller has a terrorist who hijacks a train on the day of the mayor’s visit and spreads terror everywhere. It changes the history of terrorism with the lives of millions facing the threat of death. He blackmails to bomb it if the leaders cut the power. This train adventure is full of suspense in the pact of the hero trying to help others escape this trouble through an alliance.


5. The Age Of Shadows

The thriller has a train full of spies and a Japanese agent who wants to kill a train full of people to stop one resistance fighter. The train sequence is packed with action, violence, and torture and the chase is fun and adventure. The spy drama has the passengers on a train to Seoul.


6. Red Shoes

This horror-thriller is about a mother who lives in a scary apartment and she finds a pair of pretty red shoes in a subway. She doesn't know that they are cursed and to live peacefully again she has to explore the secret story of the red high heels. She follows her daughter to the subway station to kill her because her boyfriend has revealed to her that she murdered her husband.


7. My Sassy Girl

An engineering student saves a drunken girl who is in dangerous proximity to a train at a train station. Inside the train, he feels infatuated with her but she throws up. He wants to leave her on the subway bench but leaves her at a hotel because he cares for her. He is sent to jail by the police for 'kidnapping' her but the next day he is released and the girl calls him to the railway station to meet him.


8. Seoul Train

Thousands of North Korean refugees put their lives in danger to escape their home country and China from an underground railway track. This track is for the safety of citizens with houses and secret tracks. They must keep fighting in China and the government is raiding the train stations and homes of illegal North Korean immigrants.


9. Catch The Ghost

A detective’s sister is lost and she goes to the subway station police thinking that she is captured by a subway ghost. Two partners join to solve the missing case in the subway and to catch the subway ghost. She is a police investigator and she searched for her sister in the tunnel at the metro with the metro police.


10. Seoul Station

This is a zombie film set in the Seoul Station where a zombie epidemic sets in. In the chaos of the railway station, there are few survivors and Hye Sun ran away with an old man through a subway tunnel. Her boyfriend calls her outside the station but due to their conversation the police put them in quarantine.