Article: Top 10 Chinese Actors Who Nailed The Suit And Tuxedo Looks

The best part about the acting world is when the award shows roll in. This is when actors, actresses, directors, and singers don their best clothes and designer outfits and show them off to the world. That is also when actors bring out their tuxedos and suits, more specifically, the classic black tuxedo, which makes for some really good photos. Chinese actors are especially intense looking and handsome, so it would only make sense that they look dashing in suits as well, and here are some Top 10 Chinese Actors Who Nailed It In Suits And Tuxedo to prove this.

1. Huang Johnny

Huang Johnny is a Chinese actor who has featured in dramas and films like Lost in Russia, Operation Red Sea, Mao Zedong 1949, Moonshine and Valentine, My Story for You, Addicted, Something Just Like This, The Thunder, Lucky With You, Together, Demon Girl II, Ace Troops among others.


2. Ding Yu Xi

Ding Yu Xi is a Chinese actor who has starred in shows and films like Serenade of Peaceful Joy, Just an Encore, The Romance of Tiger and Rose, Intense Love, The Last Demon, Ten years of loving you, Moonlight, Reset Life, The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir, Game Start among others.


3. Zhang Xincheng

Zhang Xincheng is a famous Chinese actor who is best known for his roles in The Strongest Men of God, Skate into Love, Fool, Refinement of Faith, My Huckleberry Friends, Chosen, The Day of Becoming You, The Corridor Pavilion, Dong Ri Seventeen, School Bus, Young Blood among others.


4. Xiao Zhan

Xiao Zhan is a celebrated Chinese actor and singer who is seen in many dramas like Battle Through the Heavens, The Untamed, Heroes in Harm's Way, The Oath of Love, Douluo Continent, The Wolf, Super Star Academy, Joy of Life, Ace Troops, Shuttle Love Millennium 2, Jade Dynasty among others.


5. Tang Xiao Tian

Tang Xiao Tian is a budding Chinese actor who has featured in several dramas like Forever Young, Put Your Head on My Shoulder, Way Back Into Love, My Little Happiness, My Wife is a Thief, Bureau of Transformer, To Get Her, Queen Dugu, Song of Youth, Broker, The Ingenious One among others.


6. Neo Hou

Neo Hou is a celebrated Chinese actor who has starred in shows and films like Angel Institute, The Devotion of Suspect X, Funny Soccer, Think Like a Dog, Over Again, Psych-Hunter, The People's Property, Rakshasa Street, Cambrian Period, A Girl Like Me, When We Were Young among others.


7. Ren Jialun

Ren Jialun, better known to fans as Allen Lun, is a Chinese actor who has starred in shows like The Glory of Tang Dynasty, Detective Dee, Noble Aspirations, Miss Crow with Mr. Lizard, The Blue Whisper, Love a Lifetime, Never Say Goodbye, Legend of Dragon Pearl, Under The Power among others.


8. Tony Leung

Tony Leung is a celebrated Chinese actor who has featured in numerous films, the most recent one being Marvel's Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. He has also acted in The Grandmaster, 2046, Hero, My Lucky Star, Infernal Affairs, Healing Hearts, Your Place or Mine! among others.


9. Dylan Wang

Dylan Wang is a celebrated budding Chinese actor who rose to fame with his character in the drama Meteor Garden as the lead Dao Ming Si. He has featured in Miss The Dragon, Ever Night 2, The Rational Life, Cang Lang Jue, The Summer Place, The Inn 2, The Irresistible, Happy Camp among others.


10. Song Weilong

Song Weilong is an upcoming Chinese actor who has featured in films and dramas like Passage of My Youth, Untouchable Lovers, Beautiful Reborn Flower, Long For You, Catman, Dream Breaker, Demon Girl II, In a Class of Her Own, Find Yourself, Go Ahead, The Society of Four Leaves among others.