Article: Top 10 Japanese Celebs Wives Who Are Older Than Their Husbands

The Japanese idols, models, and actors are rumored after they are seen together in their homes. Their private photos are also leaked spreading all over the media. These cute couples also star together in dramas or movies in Japan before tying the knot. They also decide to keep their love affair unrevealed. They have mutual interests and hobbies. They are also close friends as a couple. Commonly the male is older than the woman in the celeb couple but some women are older in their relationship too. These couples also raise controversies whenever they go out while dating. Many couples also divorce and marry again but the reasons are unknown.

1. Chara

She is a Japanese singer, actress, and video jockey who debuted in 1991 with her single. She is aged 54 and got this nickname from school and she sent a tape to Sony Music. She married Japanese actor Tadanobu Asano aged 48 years old. He got his first acting role at the age of 16.


2. Kyoko Koizumi

She is an actress and singer aged 56 and is one of the most popular idols in Japan. She married actor Masatoshi Nagase in 1995 and they divorced. He is 55 years old and they separated in 2044. She is signed to Victor Entertainment and became a J pop idol at the age of eighteen.


3. Ayumi Hamasaki

She is a Japanese singer, songwriter, actress, model, record producer, and entrepreneur. She has written her lyrics and composed her J pop music. She married 34-year-old Tyson Bodkin who is an ex now after the divorce. She used to be a tomboy as a teenager and married her second husband called Manuel Schwarz who is an Austrian actor and model.


4. Sayo Aizawa

She is a Japanese model and TV personality aged 43. She started her career as a model after graduating from High School and appeared in various commercials. She married Hiroyuki Nakajima, a professional baseball player aged 39 in 2015. She is fluent in languages like Japanese, Chinese, Korean, English, and Mongolian.


5. Kurara Chibana

She is a Japanese actress and model who has won a Beauty pageant too. She ended up as the first runner-up in Miss Universe in Japan. She is 40 years old and married to 35 years old actor and singer Ryuji Kamiyama who was a member of a boy band.


6. Rie Miyazawa

She is a Japanese actress and former idol who has won the Japan Academy Film Prizes. She was a child model who debuted in an advertisement for Kit Kat. She is 49 years old and she has an ex-husband Go Morita who is a singer 43 years of age. They are divorced now.


7. Sayuri Yoshinaga

A Japanese actress and activist, she has won four Japan Academy Best Actress Awards. She is 77 years old and she has been one of the most popular actresses in Japan. She married television director Taro Okada in 1973 on Fuji Television.


8. Minako Tanaka

She is a Japanese actress and pop singer who advocates for animal rights. She is 54 years old and her husband Taro Okada is a 48 years old actor. She has studio albums called Gimmick, Two Heart, and Roll-On. Her singles are Be My Baby, Season, and Last Graduation.


9. Koyuki

Koyuki Kato is a Japanese model and actress aged 45 who married Kenichi Matsuyama in 2011. He is a Japanese actor aged 37 who started his career as a model. The couple co-starred in Kamui Gaiden and registered their marriage in Tokyo on April 1st. Since their movie was released, they have shown their affection publicly.


10. Rinko Kikuchi

She was the first Japanese actress to be nominated for an Academy Award. She is 41 years old and her husband is 29 years old Japanese actor Shota Sometani. They married on December 31 2014 and had their first child in October 2016. The second child was born in 2018.