Article: Top 10 Favorite Brands Of Japanese Celebs

Whenever we see these celebrities on the runway or at award shows wearing these costumes, their glamour and stardom is shining in them. A supermodel needs skin that reflects the glowing confidence on her runways and fits her busy and glamorous lifestyle. The products they use are ideal ones and worthy of their luxurious price. Japanese skincare products are pampering and treating your skin so J beauty is becoming a Global brand for makeup, beauty, and skincare.

1. Louis Vuitton

Naomi Osaka, the Japanese tennis player is the newest fashion face for the luxury brand. She has been playing with fashion and style both on and off the court having collaborations on runways in Fashion weeks. She was a part of the Spring 2021 campaign of the luxury brand. She finds no other iconic brand other than this for her passion for fashion.


2. Estee Lauder

Japanese model Koki is a new global brand ambassador, featuring in media campaigns including its makeup campaigns. She has been featured in top-notch magazine covers like Harper's Bazaar, Elle Japan, Elle Hong Kong, and Marie Claire Japan which makes her the most glamorous supermodel face for the brand. She is full of energy and power as the image of the brand.


3. Facial Treatment Essence

Kasumi Amimura has this skincare secret in her simple routine as she reveals her bare skin boldly in a video. She is a beautiful and talented actress and she joins the brand ambassadors in going bare-skinned giving a closer look at a challenge.  The brand gives crystal clear skin according to celebrity testimonials.


4. Burberry

The Japanese Filipino actress and film director Elaiza Ikeda is the first ambassador in Japan for the brand.  She has a close and deep relationship with the house and she is honored by this collaboration, loving the new ways of its fashion.  She has been a part of a limited-time pop-up store of Burberry Ginza.


5. Bio-Oil

Yu Yamada is a famous actress, model, and singer who has often appeared in Japanese television dramas since 2001. This excellent product is a life saver as it doesn't only moisturize your skin but also treats scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, and pigmentation. She feels like her tan has been reduced because of this product.


6. Manara Hot Cleansing Gel

Saeko is a model and actress who loves the grapefruit fragrance and the warmth of the gel. It opens up the pores and leaves the skin feeling moisturized and fresh. This is why is known in Japan for her taut, flawless skin because she uses the gels for removing dirt.


7. Lululun Face Masks

Yukina Kinoshita is a model, singer, and Japanese TV actress who made her debut as a lingerie model in 2007, having released photo books and being the image girl. She says that these hydrating masks are perfect for a busy girl’s lifestyle and she has given them to all her managers recommending them to everyone strongly.


8. Gucci

Japanese actor Jun Shison has been made the luxury house's next latest rising Global brand ambassador. He has many supporters who look up to him in his shows on television and social media. He is a fashion star on social media as he was named the GQ MEN OF THE YEAR 2021 wearing a Gucci tuxedo which is the value of the brand.


9. Givenchy 

Ryota Katayose is the first Japanese ambassador for Givenchy ever and he respects the company's history. The luxury brand has appointed him for his unlimited possibilities, value, performance, and style that fit Givenchy. He is also a lead vocalist and he visions promoting the brand in the Japanese industry through his position.


10. Christian Louboutin

Fashion models and brand ambassadors are all over the fashion world. She is a brand ambassador for Christian Louboutin shoes and she owns over 200 pairs of shoes. She launched her fragrance and she is the face of endorsement of many brands like Japanese products. Her closet has H&M boots and Balenciaga.