Article: Top 10 Korean Dramas And Movies Of Kim Hee Sun

The veteran actress Kim Hee Sun is one of the most renowned and reputed actresses in the entertainment industry of South Korea. She appeared in many known and famous dramas such as Angry Mom, and Wonderful days. She recently appeared in the Netflix hit drama ‘Tomorrow’ and also starred in the revenge-based drama ‘Remarriage and Desires.’ She is known for her bold, daring, and powerful roles in drama. She recently gained international success fame after starring in Tomorrow. The veteran K-drama viewers are aware of her talent and popularity. Here are the top 10 dramas and movies of Kim Hee Sun.

1. Angry Mom

Kim Hee Sun played the role of a single mother Jo Kang Ja in the drama. The drama revolves around the life of students being bullied at high school. Jo Kang Ja’s daughter was also the victim of school bullying. Later, she disguised herself as a high school student with the help of her wealthy friends. She sets on a mission to mitigate school corruption and bullying.

2. Wonderful Days

Kim Hee Sun played the role of Chae Hae Won in the drama Wonderful Days. The drama revolves around a mother who gets diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. As a result, her three children grew up themselves. They have to face many hurdles and difficulties growing up. Eventually, the kids grow up to be good adults.

3. Woman Of Dignity

Kim Hee Sun played the role of Woo Ah Jin in the drama Woman of Dignity. The drama revolves around the wealthy Ah Jin. She hires a girl named Bok Ja to take care of her bedridden father. Soon she takes over her fortune after winning the chairman’s heart. Later Ah Jin takes on a mission to take revenge and get her everything back from her.

4. Alice

Kim Hee Sun played the role of Yoon Tae Yi in the drama Alice. The drama Alive revolves around the organization Alice. The organization excels in traveling back fast. Set in the year 2050, the organization gets the news of how their secret will be revealed, and their organization will come to n abrupt end. To prevent it from happening, they send their two most competent agents. Yoon Tae Yi was one of them.

5. Tomorrow

Kim Hee Sun played the role of Grim Reaper Goo Ryun. The drama revolves around a group of grim reapers who were assigned the work of stopping people from committing suicide. Goo Ryun being the team leader manages the entire working of the Risk Management Team. The drama raises awareness of suicide, mental health, and many more necessary topics.

6. Remarriage And Desires

Kim Hee Sun played the role of Seo Hye Seung in the drama Remarriage and Desires. The drama revolves around the competitive age where women try to get married into the wealthiest section of society. They do this through a matchmaking agency that claims that they will get married into the top 1% of society.

7. Ghost In Love

Kim Hee Sun played the role of Jin Chae Byul in the film Ghost in Love. The film revolves around the unfortunate life of Chae Byul. She gets dumped by her boyfriend. She later finds herself between the crowd of ghosts after meeting with an unfortunate incident. She decides to take revenge on her ex- boyfriend.

8. The Myth

Kim Hee Sun played the role of Korean princess Ok Soo in the historical film The Myth. She paired along with Jackie Chain in the movie. They showed the blending of three Asian cultures, India, China, and Korea. Jackie Chain’s character visits India and stumbles upon the painting of Ok Soo. He has been dreaming about her and this leads to a major revelation in his life.

9. Mr.Q

Kim hee Sun played the role of Han Hae Won in the drama Mr.Q. The drama revolves around newly employed employees who struggle to give their all to the development department. In the face of struggle and hardships, they decide to fight it back. Han Hae Won gets assigned to the development department and faces every odd head-on.

10. Sad Love Story

Kim Hee Sun played the role of Park Hye In in the drama Sad Love Story. The drama revolves around the love story of ordinary people. It depicts the typical love triangle involving two men and a woman. Park Hye In is a blind woman who falls in love with a man who was raised by a single mother. Later the news of his death, makes Hye In devasted. But she falls in love again with his best friend.