Article: 10 Most Reputed Awards Of Chinese

1. Golden Rooster Awards

The prestigious Golden Rooster Awards are awards given to film celebrities for their outstanding performances in the Chinese film industry. These awards are equivalent to the American Academy Awards. The award recipients are selected by a distinguished jury panel. The award is presented by the China Film Association.

Some highlights of the Golden Rooster Awards 2020

Best Actor - Huang Xiaoming for The Bravest

Best Actress- Zhou Dongyu for Better Days

Best Director: Wang Rui for Chaogtu with Sarula



2. Hundred Flowers Awards

Another reputable award in mainland China for excellence in Chinese film is the Hundred Flowers Awards, the Chinese equivalent of the American Globes Awards. The awards are sponsored by the largest circulating magazine in China, Popular Cinema magazine. The nominees are voted by the public annually through SMS, Internet call, etc. 

Some highlights of the Hundred Flowers Award 2020

Best Film- My People, My Country

Best Actor- Huang Xiaoming for The Bravest

Best Actress- Zhou Dongyu for Better Days

 Best Director- Frant Gwo for The Wandering Earth



3. China Huabiao Film Awards

The Huabiao Awards, the highest government honors for the Chinese film industry, is one of the most coveted awards in China. The first award was given in 1957. “My People, My Country” was awarded the outstanding film of 2020.



4. Shanghai Film Critics’ Awards

Shanghai Film Critics’ Awards event is the only critics’ award in mainland China. The awards are given annually to honor outstanding contributions in national cinema and have been held since 1991. The award is presented by the Shanghai Film Critics Association and Shanghai Film Museum. The award category includes 10 Film of Merit awards, best actor and actress, best director, etc.



5. Huading Awards 

Huading Awards established by the Global Talents Media group enjoys a high standing worldwide. It has been held since 2007 and includes Chinese television shows to international films and music and thus seeks to span the gap between the Chinese and American industries. The 30th Huading Awards were held in Macau, China.

Some of the highlights of the Huading Awards 2021

Best Motion Picture: The Eight Hundred

Best Actress: Gong Li “Leap”

Best Actor: Andy Lau “Shock Wave 2”

Best Director: Pema Tseden “Balloon”



6. Golden Horse Awards

The Golden Horse Awards are long-established film awards in the world of Chinese silver screen. The annual entries are from Chinese speaking areas such as Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. The nominations are reviewed by an esteemed panel of a jury consisting of film professionals. It was founded in 1962.

Some highlights of the Golden Horse Awards 2021

Leading Actor- Chang Chen, “The Soul”

Leading Actress- Alyssa Chia, “The Falls”

Feature Film- The Falls



7. China TV Golden Eagle Award

Golden Eagle Awards is one of the recognized national award ceremonies given to honor excellence in the Chinese television industry. The award ceremony began in 1983. The public would vote for the nominees, and the nominee with the most votes would secure the top awards.

Some highlights of the 2020 Golden Eagle Award

Audience Choice for Actor- Wang Yibo for Gank Your Heart

Audience Choice for Actress- Zanilia Zhou, “The Story of Ming Lan”



8. Fetian Awards

China TV Drama Flying Apsaras Awards also known as Fetian Awards is awarded for exceptional performances in Chinese television. The longest standing small screen award ceremony, the biennial Fetian awards are the highest government honor in the television industry. 

Some highlights of the 2020 Fetian Television Awards

Outstanding Actor- Bing He, “Sha Zhu”

Outstanding Actress- Hailu Qin, “The Legendary Tavern”

Outstanding Director- Jiang Liu, “The Legendary Tavern” 



9. Top Chinese Music Awards

The 2001 established Top Chinese Music Awards are given to honor famous Chinese music artists and works. It is often described as the equivalent of the Grammys in the United States. 



10. Golden Elm Flower Awards

Last in our list is the Golden Elm Flower award presented by the Aollywood Film Critics Association. The first Golden Elm awards was held in Macau, China on Jan 5th 2021.

Some highlights of the first Golden Elm Awards

Best Actor- Zhang Yi, “One Second”

Best Actress- Gong Li, “Leap”

Best Director-Guan Hu, “The Eight Hundred”