Article: Top 10 Korean Drama And Movies Of Seo In Guk

Seo In Guk has cemented his status as an engaging performer with a flair for giving strong and nuanced performances within the enormous fabric of Korean entertainment. Seo In Guk's career has been distinguished by its depth and diversity, leaving his stamp on the history of Korean dramas and movies. We'll examine the top 10 scenes in this investigation to highlight Seo In Guk's remarkable acting abilities and provide an overview of the scope and significance of his contributions to the field.

1. Reply 1997

Yoon Yoon-Jae, Shi-won's childhood best friend, is portrayed by Seo In-guk as coming to her home a lot after his parents passed away. Yoon Yoon-Jae is reserved and melancholy, but he is loyal to people that matter to him. Along with Joon-hee, he is regarded as one of the two most gorgeous lads in the school, and girls often fall in love with both of them. He was the top student in his class and was intelligent. As a teenager, Yoon-Jae falls in love with Shi-won but attempts to hide it. At the 1st K-Drama Star Awards, Seo In-guk won the Rising Star Award, and at the 7th Cable TV Broadcasting Awards, Reply 1997 won the Grand Prize (Daesang).

2. The Master’s Sun

So Ji-sub and Gong Hyo-jin starred in the 2013 debut of the South Korean television series Master's Sun. The aloof and impersonal CEO of Kingdom, which runs a large department store and a hotel, is Joo Joong-won (So Ji-sub). He meets despondent Tae Gong-shil (Gong Hyo-jin), who after an accident starts seeing ghosts. When they learn that the ghosts surrounding Joong-won disappear once Gong-shil touches her, their lives are drastically changed. In return for Joong-won's assistance in retrieving wealth that takes from him during a kidnapping attempt, Gong-still permitted her to remain by his side.

3. High School King Of Savvy

In addition to playing varsity ice hockey, Lee Min-suk (Seo In-guk) is a high school student. He looks a lot like his older brother Hyung-suk, even though they are nine years apart in age. After getting a strange call from Hyung-suk telling him to pose as his brother at the latter's new job, Min-suk is compelled to assume the role of a high-ranking executive at an IT conglomerate. Living a double life and not knowing the regulations of the Korean workplace, Min-suk gets help from Jung Soo-young (Lee Ha-na), a strange temp whom he finally falls in love with, to learn how to make his way in the adult world.

4. The King’s Face

"The King's Face" narrates the tale of Prince Gwang Hae, the illegitimate son of King Seon Jo, who has endured hardships from an early age due to his father's lack of concern and the persistent sense that he is not welcome at the palace. Because King Seon Jo lacked a legitimate son and was forced to pick between his sons for the position of Crown Prince, Gwang Hae perceives himself as being caught in a never-ending struggle with his siblings. Amidst this stress, Gwang Hae reconnects with Kim Ga Hee, an old acquaintance who made a marriage vow to her when they were young. Gwang Hae is on a depressing path of renunciation that will turn everyone against him due to the weight of his love and the people's expectations.

5. Hello Monster

In this drama, Seo In-guk portrays Lee Hyun. Lee Hyun's father, a police inspector, was intrigued by the "strange child" and ultimately locked him in a small room to prevent him from harboring criminal ideas. He is a gifted young man who later studies overseas and rises to prominence as a professor. His early memories vanish from him inexplicably, and a sequence of circumstances compels him to return to South Korea. There, he searches for his long-lost little brother—whom he believes to be the serial killer—by trying to investigate a string of murders that seem to be connected.

6. Project Wolf Hunting

The Korean authorities capture the cargo vessel Frontier Wolf for their transfer after a devastating airport bombing thwarts their attempts to repatriate notorious criminals from the Philippines to South Korea. A dozen seasoned investigators and a hot-headed Coast Guard commander watch a motley crew of lowlifes, among them a cruel heir to a criminal empire, as they board the mammoth ship. Despite the strict security, a scheme to take over the ship begins to spread among the inmates and quickly comes to a head. However, neither the police nor the crook seems to be aware that they are not the freighter's only cargo and that they must confront a ruthless creature.

7. No Breathing

National swimmer Woo Sang is constantly vying for the top rank. Swimming prodigy Won Il wants to return to the sport after taking a break from it. In addition to growing into rivals, they also develop feelings for the same lady, Jung Eun, a friend from childhood who aspires to be a musician. The three friends who have been friends for a lifetime find themselves going through a transitional stage in life where they must balance friendship, love, and competition.

8. Doom At Your Service

After learning that she has a terminal illness, Tak Dong-kyung's life begins to fall apart. Depressed about her short time left, she wishes for the world to end, but Myul Mang—the immortal embodiment of Doom—visits instead. Myul Mang, tired of living, signs a 100-day contract with Dong-kyung, promising to help her live the life she has always desired.

9. The Smile Has Left Your Eyes

The main character of this 2018 Korean drama is Kim Moo Young (Seo In-guk), a complex, mysterious guy with a past that has been forgotten. He meets Yoo Jin-Kang (Jung So-min), with whom he falls in love. Despite her first misgivings, she later learns that Moo-young is naive and has difficulty understanding his previous life. A homicide detective named Yoo Jin Gook (Park Sung-Woong), who is utterly ignorant that Moo-Young holds the key to both Moo-Young and Jin-intertwined Kang's past, believes Moo-Young is more nasty than he lets on. As Moo-young regains his memory and learns the truth about his father's passing and other details problem arises.

10. Shopping King Louie

The protagonist of the romantic comedy series "Shopping King Louie" is a dashing shopaholic named Louis, the heir of a business empire who ends up on the streets due to amnesia. Go Bok Shil, a farm girl who leads a life very different from that of the wealthy and renowned, meets Louis in Seoul. The unlikely relationship developes between the innocent girl Go Bok Shil and Louis, who can afford everything, demonstrates to the audience the precious nature of true love and the impossibility of purchasing it.