Article: Top Ten K-Dramas With A Strong Mother

Even though in several K-dramas, the spotlight is not on the mothers, we feel that certain mothers deserve a shout-out. In this list, we will talk about some of the strongest and fiercest mothers in K-dramas.

1. Crash Course In Romance

In Crash Course in Romance, we have Nam Haeng-Seon as our female protagonist. She is a single mother who spends her days looking after her daughter, Nam Hae-E, and her brother, Nam Jae-Woo. Haeng-Son was once a star athlete who had a promising career in sports in front of her; however, after the death of her mother, her life changed. She decided to leave her dreams of being a star athlete behind and decided to open a restaurant. One of the best aspects of the show is the relationship between Haeng-Son and her young, determined daughter, Nam Jae-Woo. Haeng-Son is a strong woman who cares deeply for her and does everything she can to give her daughter a proper future.

2. When The Camellia Blooms

In this series, we follow Dong-Baek, our main female protagonist. She is a single mother who lives in the town of Ongsan. She owns a small restaurant that many of the citizens frequent. Dong-Baek is an enigma in the little town, as locals; gossip and whisper about her past and her life as a single mother. We see that she is a strong, kind, and caring mother. We root for her to find love and happiness in Ongsan.

3. Hi Bye, Mama

In the series Hi Bye Mama, we follow Cha Yu-Ri, our female protagonist who passed away and has evolved into a ghost. To become human once more and be together with her husband and her child, she decides to undergo a reincarnation project that lasts for forty-nine days. This series is highly touching, and it will take you on an emotional ride. We see Cha Yu-Ri's love for her baby and her desire to be present for her child. We see her longing to experience motherhood.

4. Angry Mom 

In this series, we follow Jo Gang-Ja, a woman who is known for her fiery temper and her fighting skills. However, after the birth of her daughter A-Ran, she chooses to turn her life around. Gang-Ja decides to become a good mother and become a softer person. However, when she learns that her daughter was bullied in school, Gang-Ja decides to take matters into her own hands and does everything to protect her.

5. The Good Bad Mother

In this series, we follow Young-Soon, a hardworking, single mother who runs a pig farm in a small town. We find out that she had tragically lost her husband, and her only family remaining was her son. Young-Son loves her son, but she decides to become a strict mother. She decided that she would become a lousy mother to ensure that her son had a better life than her. Her son, Kang-Ho, does succeed in becoming an attorney. However, while pursuing his ambitions, he decided to turn his back on his mother. Fate seemed to have other plans, as Kang-Ho was suddenly met with an accident that reverted his mental state into that of a child. His mother Young-Soon, looked at this to reconnect with her son and become a better mother.

6. Marriage Contract

In this series, we follow Hye-Soo, a single mother who has a massive amount of debt. Her only priority in life is securing a proper future for her daughter. Hye-Soo is a selfless mother who does her best to protect her daughter. Hye-soo starts to work at a restaurant owned by the wealthy Ji-Hoon. We find out that Ji-Hoon is looking for a liver donor for his ill mother. Ji-Hoon and Hye-Soo's life gets tangled, and they decide to enter a marriage contract.

7. Under The Queen’s Umbrella

In Under the Queen’s Umbrella, we follow the life of Queen Hwaryeong. The queen is supposed to behave gracefully. This however, is a problem as she has sons who are all troublemakers. We see her struggle to raise her sons to become proper princes and provide them with education. We see her trying to balance her duties as a queen and her duties and responsibilities as a mother. This series has a lot of heart, and we can see the love and devotion Queen Hwaryeong has towards all her children.

8. Green Mother’s Club

In this series, we follow the lives of five mothers, Lee Yo-Won, Choo Ja-Hyun, Kim Gyu-Ri, Jang Hye-Jin, and Joo Min-Kyung. We see that they have children who all go to elementary school. These mothers meet around the school to discuss their worries about their children. We see that all the mothers have their issues and problems that they are facing. However, throughout the series, as these mothers interact with one another, we see them grow as people and mothers.

9. Doctor Cha 

In the series Doctor Cha, we follow Cha Jeong-Suk, a mother of two children and the wife of Seo In-Ho. We see Jeong-Suk develop as a woman throughout the series. We see her back into her career as a doctor and return to the medical profession. Fans are touched by her relationship with her two children. We see her love and support for both of her children and guide them through the series. We also see her give respect and space to her children.

10. The Penthouse

Even though this series is a psychological thriller, all the mothers in this series have been able to shine beautifully throughout the show. The primary focus of the series is not on motherly affection; however, despite this, all the mothers here have been portrayed as fierce protectors. We see all of them trying their best to protect their children and provide them with proper futures.