Article: Top Ten K-Dramas Where The Main Character Is Seeking Revenge  

Most of the top-rated K-dramas are revenge-themed K-dramas. We love to see a character ruthlessly fight against the system and the people who have wronged them. In this list, we talk about some of the best k-dramas to watch where we see that, indeed revenge is a dish best served up cold.

1. TheGlory

In this series, we follow Moon Dong-Eun, our protagonist. She was a victim of school violence. She suffered horrific bullying from her peers in high school and her teacher. Moon was forced to leave the school due to the bullying. Throughout the series, we see her suffering due to her teachers, peers and family. As a grown woman, Moon decides to seek revenge on everyone who had hurt and bullied her, as a child.

2. My Name

In My Name, we follow Yoon Ji-Woo, our female protagonist. We see that her father was brutally murdered. This incident forces Ji-Woo to enter the criminal underbelly of South Korea to find out the truth behind her father’s death and to exact revenge on those who had murdered her father. She joins Choi Moo-Jin's gang and was placed in the drug unit of the police department. This series is very gritty and has a lot of mature and dark themes. It is not for the faint of heart, but the ending is very satisfying.

3. Revenge Of Others

In Revenge of Others, we follow Ok Chan-Mi, an ordinary high school student. Her only family left was her twin brother; however, her twin brother tragically died. Following her brother’s death, Chan-Mi decides to join the same high school. She starts investigating the death of her brothers and embarks on a journey of revenge. We also meet our male protagonist, Ji Soon-Heon, another ordinary student who decides to take revenge for the students who had been bullied.

4. Itaewon Class

In Itaewon Class, we follow Park Sae-Ro-Yi, our main protagonist. As a high school student, Sae-Ro-Yi stands up to the bully, Jang Geun-Won, who is the son of the wealthy CEO of Jagga, Jang Dae-Hee. Sae-Ro-Yi's father is also an employee of Dae-Hee. Sae-Ro-Yi was forced by Dae-Hee to apologize to Geun-Won; however, he refuses. This results in Sae-Ro-Yi being expelled from school and his father was fired from his position at Jagga. Geun-Won also causes an accident that kills Sae-Ro-Yi's father. Angered by the death of his father, Sae-Ro-Yi vows to take revenge on Jang Geun Won as well as Dae-Hee and destroy Jagga. This series is well-paced and highly thrilling.

5. Eve

In Eve, we follow Lee La-El, our main protagonist, who is seeking revenge for the death of her father. She soon learns that an extremely wealthy family in South Korea was responsible for his death. The family responsible for running the LY group is responsible for the death of her father. She sets her plan in motion; her target is Kan Yoon-Kyum, the head of the LY group. She was also aided by Seo Eun Pyeong, a friend who had witnessed her tragedy.

6. Vincenzo

In Vincenzo, we follow Hong Cha-Young, our female protagonist. She is a strong and intelligent young lawyer who works for one of the most influential companies in South Korea. However, the mysterious death of her father causes Cha-Young to turn to revenge. She joins forces with Vincenzo Cassano, our male protagonist, and together, they work to bring down the corporation and its evil CEO.

7. Remarriage And Desires

In Remarriage and Desires, we follow Seo Hye-Seung, an ordinary housewife. Her entire life was changed in an instant when her husband suddenly demanded a divorce from her. She is enraged by this, and to exact revenge, she gets the help of a matchmaking service. This service aids her in becoming a threat to her ex-husband and his new lover.

8. The Innocent Man 

In this series, we follow Kang Ma-Ru, who is an ordinary young man. His life gets turned upside down when he gets accused and convicted of crimes he had not committed. After he gets released from prison, Ma-Ru embarks on a journey of revenge. He desperately desires to clear his name and find the perpetrator behind the crimes. The Innocent Man was based on a novel named Nice Guy that was written by Jung Kyoung-Yoon. This series is an exciting watch and gives us insight into how far a person is willing to go when influenced by rage and their need for revenge.

9. Taxi Driver

In this series, we follow the main character, Kim Do-Ki, a taxi driver who works for the Rainbow Taxi Company. This is, however, not just any taxi company. This company provides a particular service to its clients, which allows them to seek revenge on any person who wronged them. This service is called a retribution call. Do-Ki is also experiencing grief over the loss of his mother.

10. Reborn Rich 

In Reborn Rich, we follow Yoon Hyun-woo, an employee of the powerful Soonyang Group. He was betrayed and then killed off by one of the Soonyang family, who are responsible for running the Soonyang Group. Hyun-woo awakens to discover that he has been reincarnated as the youngest boy of the Soonyang family. He, however still remembers all the details of his previous life and thus decides to take revenge by taking over the Soonyang Group and becoming the CEO. This series has one of the most thrilling endings I have seen in K-dramas. This series has been able to toe the line between thriller and fantasy.