Article: Top 10 Korean Dramas And Movies Of Lee Min Ho

Every K-drama enthusiast be it a beginner or a pro must be aware of the actor Lee Min Ho. Almost every K-drama enthusiast’s journey started with his dramas. He started acting in his second year of high school. He made his significant breakthrough with the classical drama ‘Boys Over Flower.’ He is famous for his character Gu Jun Pyo in the drama world. He starred in many hits such as The Heirs, Legend of the Blue Sea, City Hunter, and Faith. He auditioned for the Korean-American drama ‘Pachinko.’ The critics complimented the role played by Lee Min Ho in the Pachinko. Here are the top 10 Korean- American dramas and movies of Lee Min Ho.

1. Boys Over Flower

Lee Min Ho played the role of a wealthy, rude bully named Gu Jun Pyo in the drama Boys Over Flower. He got his significant breakthrough with this drama. The drama revolves around the life of a middle-class girl Jandi. She gets admission into one of the most prestigious schools in South Korea. The drama unravels her friendship with the F4 of the school.

2. Personal Taste

Lee Min Ho played the role of Jeon Jin Ho in the drama Personal Taste. The drama revolves around the two roommates who are entitled to different opinions. Jeon Jin Ho is mistaken for a gay by Park Gae In. She finds it hard to trust men but she allows Jin Ho to stay with her knowing her sexuality. The drama unravels how Jin Ho falls for Gae In.

3. City Hunter

Lee Min Ho played the role of Lee Yoon Sung, aka Poochai in the drama City Hunter. The drama revolves around the life of Lee Yoon Sung who gets abducted to an unknown area. Growing Up, he realized he has to take revenge for his father. He gets to know how his father was killed by those in authority.

4. Faith

Faith is the first historical drama by Lee Min Ho. He was cast with the talented actress Kim Hee Sun. he played the role of General Choi Yeong. The drama revolves around a plastic surgeon who gets abducted into the Goryeo era. General Choi Yeong gets into constant bickering and conflicts with the plastic surgeon. The two eventually fall for each other.

5. Legend Of The Blue Sea

Lee Min Ho played the role of a con man Heo Joon Jae in the fantasy drama Legend of the Blue Sea. He was cast with Jun Ji Hyun. The drama revolves around the life of a mermaid who falls in love with Heo Joon Jae. The drama tells the story of both the past and the present.

6. The Heirs

Lee Min Ho played the role of Kim Tan in the drama The Heirs. He is a wealthy son of a Chaebol. He used to bully innocent kids when he was in Seoul. When one of his friends dies, he escapes to the USA. Ultimately, he meets Park Shin Hye and falls in love with each other.

7. The King Eternal Monarch

After getting discharged from the military, Lee Min Ho made his drama comeback with the fantasy- based drama ‘The King Eternal Monarch.’ He was cast with Kim Go Eun. He played the role of King Lee Gon. King Lee Gon was a smart and intelligent monarch. The drama unravels how he finds that two parallel worlds exist.

8. Pachinko

Pachinko is a Korean American drama where Lee Min Ho auditioned for the first time in the last fourteen years. The drama is based on a novel of the same name. He played the role of an antagonist Hansu. Hansu was arrogant and a womanizer. The drama unravels how he impregnates Sunja and doesn’t bother to marry her.

9. Gangnam 1970

Lee Min Ho played the role of Kim Jong Dae in the film Gangnam 1970. The film revolves around the political unrest that takes place in Seoul in 1970. As the corruption prevails, the area where Jong Dae and his friends live, went into redevelopment. The film follows their separation when they decide to take part in a violent political campaign to meet the ends.

10. Mackerel Run

Lee Min Ho played the role of Cha Gong Chan in the drama Mackerel Run. Cha Gong Chan gets the chance to join the top private and prestigious high school. He gets admission solely based on his soccer skills but unfortunately falls at it. He eventually, becomes an outcast and starts missing classes. But the arrival of a new girl, compels him to attend every class.