Article: Top 10 Korean Dramas and Movies of Lee Seung Gi

Lee Seung Gi is a multitalented person who is an actor, host, singer, and entertainer. He even won the Grand Prize (Daesang) for being a hilarious entertainer. He appeared in many dramas, and variety shows where he got unlimited stardom and recognition. This made him a top Hallyu star. He is famous for his singing. Lee Seung Gi has given many hit songs such as Will You Marry Me and Return. He is known as one of the highest-paid actors in the Korean industry. He has made many dramas and films which you need to watch. Here’s the list of the top 10 Korean films and dramas of Lee.

1. Mouse

Lee Seung Gi acted as a righteous and a naïve cop in the drama Mouse. The Mouse have been filled with suspense, thrill, action, and everything you need in a drama. The drama begins with a curious question of how society can identify psychopaths and mitigate them. The drama involves a series of murder cases that engraves the city in the constant fear.

2. Vagabond

The fans are still waiting for the undue announcement of the second season of Vagabond. Lee Seung Gi acted as Cha Dal Geon in the drama alongside Suzy. Cha dal Geon lost his orphan nephew to a plane crash and comes to know that it is some conspiracy. To uncover the truth and give justice to his only significant others, he begins the journey from scratch.

3. A Korean Odyssey

Lee Seung Gi played the character of Son Oh Gong in the drama. Son Oh Gong goes on living for an infinite years. The drama revolves around the world where evil and good lives side by side. The leads Oh-Gong and Maa Wang try to discover the actual conflict between them. Oh-Gong falls in love with the person he shouldn’t. The drama featured Lee Seung Gi, Seung Won-Cha, and Yeon Seo Oh.

4. Gu Family Book

Gu Family Book is a historical drama where Lee Seung Gi paired with Suzy for the first time. He played the role of Choi Kang Chi. Choi Kang Chi was a half-human, and half-mythical creature. He is known to be the son of the spirit of mountain Giri. He later falls in love with someone he shouldn’t and the drama unravels.

5. King2hearts

The drama is one exciting watch. Lee Seung Gi played the role of the Prince of South Korea. He is on the throne when the negotiations begin between South Korea and North Korea. The Prince of South Korea has to marry the Princess of North Korea to end the ongoing war. The two royal people have to make some serious decisions to protect themselves.

6. My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho

Lee Seung Gi played the role of Cha Dae Wung in the drama. Cha Dae Wung is a wealthy spoiled college-going student. He was an orphan and had been adopted by a rich uncle. One day he sets free a Nine-Tailed-Fox who had been trapped in an old mural for five-hundred years. The Gumiho saves Cha Dae Wung when he hurts himself

7. Brilliant Legacy

Lee Seung Gi played the role of Seon Woo Hwan in the drama. The drama revolves around the girl’s life who suddenly has to meet the fate of Cinderella. When her father died, her step-brother took all of her belongings, money, and assets from her. She practically becomes homeless but later finds someone who helps her to survive by giving her a job.

8. The Princess And The Matchmaker

Lee Seung Gi played the role of Seo Doo Yoon in the movie. The historical film takes you on a journey of a princess who have been compelled to get married to fix the famine situation that has destroyed the village. She was compelled to get married to one of the four marriage prospects with the best astrological signs.

9. Love Forecast

Lee Seung Gi played the role of Kang Jun Soo in the drama. Jun Soo is the type of person who believes in giving everything to the person he loves. He loves her girl unconditionally but still gets dumped. Later he meets a girl who is both beautiful and challenging. The two fall for each other as the movie unravels before the eyes of fans.

10. The Law Café

The Law Café is an ongoing drama where Lee Seung reunited with co-star Lee Se Young. The drama revolves around the story of ex-lovers who are studying Law. The two get tangled up and have to live under the same roof. Their constant bickering and crazy chemistry have delighted the fans.