Article: 10 Korean Celebrities That Changed Their Appearance For Roles

The roles of portraying a character require dedication, sacrifice, and conviction. These Korean actors proved their worth by going through a transformation just for the portrayal. Some roles required the actors to look a certain way. They want them to appear convincing to the audience. These actors worked hard to get to the point of being in the skin of the characters written by the writers. Some actors gained weight, and others changed their hairstyles. The Korean entertainment industry demands perfection. They want the actors to undergo some changes to fit into the scripts. These actors have proved their worth by challenging themselves. These actors must get applauded for their spirits and hard work. They have encouraged newcomers and others to work hard and never give up. They took these challenges and proved that anything is possible if you try hard.

1. Heo Sung-Tae

Heo Sung-tae was a salesman before he became an actor. He participated in Miraculous Audition, a talent show. He developed a love for acting after the talent show. He has delivered memorable performances like The Age of Shadows, The Outlaws, and Rampant. But his acting breakthrough was his negative role in Squid Game. He got applauded for his extraordinary transformation as Player 101 Jang Deok-su. He gained 15-20 kgs in a short period, and this sudden change in body proportions had many consequences for his health. The appreciation was worth all the hard work.


2. Yoo Seung-Ho

Yoo Seung-ho got famous at an early age because of his portrayal in the movie The Way Home. The film was a great success at the box office. He is well known for his fashion sense and unique outfit choices. He played the role of a detective in Memorist. He gained weight for his character. He wanted to let the audience see his mature side. People accused him of not taking care of his health. He wants to gain weight to look fit for the role and burst the image of himself as a child actor.


3. Lee Sung-Kyung

Lee Sung-kyung kick-started her career as a model. She made her acting debut in the famous Kdrama It’s Okay, That’s Love. She did many roles after that, but she wasn’t in the limelight. A huge turn in her career was her portrayal of a weightlifter in the series Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo. She built muscles for her role as a weightlifter. She got appreciated for her role and received the Excellence Award in MBC Drama Awards in 2016. The portrayal was very challenging, but she didn’t give up.


4. Lee So-Jung

Lee So-jung started her career with the Korean drama Hyena. She got recognized for her role in Plump Revolution. She portrayed a girl who is on a mission to gain weight to get herself a boyfriend. She gained almost 20 kg for her role. She had a strict diet routine and consumed 10000 calories per day. She worked tirelessly for this movie, and it paid off.


5. Han So-Hee

Han So-hee got several golden opportunities to showcase her acting skills in music videos at the beginning of her career. She made her acting debut in a negative role in the Kdrama, The World Of The Married. She got appreciated for her role as an undercover police officer in My Name. The series required her to perform many action scenes. She went for a rigorous diet plan to build her muscles. She gained 10Kgs for the show. Most of the stunts got performed by Han So-hee herself.


6. Pony

Pony has proved that experimenting with different hair colors is the new trend. She went for a quirky chic bob cut and hot red color. She went for this racy hairstyle and underwent a surprising transformation. It highlighted her sharp features, and she looked more charming. Ping has been experimental with her hairstyles since the beginning of her career.


7. Park Shin Hye

Park Shin Hye started her career as a child actress in Stairway To Heaven. She took to Instagram to show her drastic transformation. She chopped her long tassels and opted for a cute bob cut. She added fringes to the bob cut for a sweet look. She gave the ideal girl next door vibes in the haircut. She is to be seen with Park Hyung Sik in the drama Doctor Slump this year. She recently made headlines for getting married. She flaunted her bob cut in The Call, a psychological thriller movie.


8. Park Min-Young

Park Min-young made her acting debut in the K drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal. She made a big chop for her role in Love In Contract. She went from long hair to short hair and bangs. She had long hair for a long time. The short hair highlighted her facial structure and small face. The haircut makes her bright smile stand out. She looks classy and elegant in this new haircut.


9. Park Seo Joon

Park Seo Joon appeared in a music video before his acting debut. He appeared in Kdramas in a supporting role. He was the host of Music Bank in 2015. He got noticed for his lead roles in She Was Pretty. He bagged the role of a fighter in Fight for My Way. He bulked up for his portrayal and worked in the gym for hours. He maintained a rigid diet plan to gain muscles and transform from lean to muscular. He also learned martial arts for the role. He received many awards for his role in the Kdrama Fight For My Way.


10. Lee Jong Suk

Lee Jong Suk was a model before he made his acting debut. He got recognized for his role in the Kdrama School 2013. He had a flower boy image and a slender body type. He transformed his body into a muscular one during his role in W, a sci-fi K drama. He is now much more bulked up and has broad shoulders. The endless hours he might have spent in the gym are worth it.