Article: 10 Most Popular K-Pop Songs That Took The Korean Industry To International Fame

Since 2010, K-pop has taken the lead in South Korea's mainstream music market. Thanks to its highly addictive and catchy melody, captivating dance choreography, and excellent level of production qualities, K-pop music has become a dazzling pop cultural phenomenon that has spread across the globe. Here’s a list of ten endearing K-pop tunes to start the new year off.


Girls' Generation's Oh! not only came in second place for the year's best-selling single with sales of more than 3.3 million copies, but it also topped other charts and took home awards on music competition shows including The Music Trend and Music Bank. The hit song buzzes on the bubblegum pop dynamics and their sweet vocals, giving joyful and eccentric vibes. In the music video, they acted as cheerleaders to fit the upbeat mood of the song. Oh! by Girls' Generation is a great song to listen to when you're feeling bad.


2. Good Day

Reputable singer-songwriter IU's song Good Day is included in Billboard's list of The 100 Greatest K-pop Songs of the 2010s. Good Day is the song that made IU famous across the country thanks to its success on the charts and numerous honors. The popular song is acknowledged as a singular musical phenomenon because it pleasingly combines symphonic instruments with IU's untapped vocal potential, which includes euphonious singing and high-note soaring notes. She was given the title of "Nation's Sweetheart" of South Korea as a result of the song's and album's success.


3. Bonamana

Game-changers Super Junior, who has been around since 2005, is considered a veteran in the K-pop music industry because they continue to make headlines with their bops, surpass multiple charts, and take home numerous trophies. One of their most well-known songs, Bonamana, topped the charts in 2010 with its fusion of electropop and funk music.


4. Lucifer

SHINee, sometimes known as the "Princes of K-pop," has spent the last ten years as one of the top 10 male boy bands. The band's electropop track Lucifer caused a ruckus (ironically, in a positive manner). They displayed their wilder side in the original music video thanks to their synchronized, captivating dancing and edgy, futuristic aesthetics. A fun tidbit about Lucifer: Yoo Young-jin and Bebe Rexha, a Korean musician, co-wrote the song.


5. Bad Girl, Good Girl

Miss A, a girl trio, made their debut in 2010 and became an instant hit. They became the first act to have their first song top the chart with Bad Girl, Good Girl, which peaked in the music show KBS Music Bank and was named number one on the Gaon Digital Chart. It is usually a risky choice to release a seductive song as the debut single, but miss A was successful in doing so.


6. Right Now

PSY gained domestic fame two years before the release of Gangnam Style thanks to hits like Right Now. The choreographies, outfits, and facial expressions in PSY's music videos all reflect his satirical and eccentric sense of humor, which is one of the many things that make him stand out in the global spotlight.


7. High High

Is there a more recognizable pair than GD and T.O.P? The rapping members of the popular boy band Bigbang, GD, and T.O.P, collaborated on the synth-fueled club anthem High High. The duo's debut was ranked third on multiple charts and made Billboard's list of Bigbang's T.O.P's 10 Most Memorable Songs.


8. HuH (Hit Your Heart)

With their electronic and disco-infused music in 2010 and their wonderfully textured voices, 4Minute won over fans. They developed the powerful presence of the ideal girl crush with their edgy and dance-pop sound. HuH (Hit Your Heart), the group's most popular track, is a commercial triumph, according to Billboard via Gaon Chart.


9. Shock

Boy band Beast released Shock, which combined electronic and rocking beats before they were Highlight. The song reached No. 2 on the Oricon daily and weekly charts and gave birth to rocktronic.


10. Never Let Yourself Go

Let's conclude things with Never Let You Go by the boy band 2AM for the final retro tune. The group is renowned for their ardent ballads, which melt hearts with their warm melodies and meaningful lyrics everywhere from South Korea to South America. 2AM broke the mold and created its personality in the K-pop genre, which typically features bouncy and lively tempos.